Animoto Video Maker for PC

Animoto Video Maker for PC

Turn your camera roll into beautiful, pro-quality videos to share with everyone!


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Animoto Video Maker App For Windows

So I downloaded the app and paid 4.99 per month. It allowed me to upload up to 300 images. The entire time I spent uploading the images and making the video was exhausting. The video was downloaded and they used their logo at the end. You can use my video to advertise, but I did not pay for the plus account. This app doesn't let you use music, and it does not allow for slides to be sped up or slowed down. It's too slow to go through photos and is just plain annoying. It's not worth the effort, sorry!

Terrible themes. I was rushed to make the video. It took me time to create one, and I saved it in my videos. Once the video had been downloaded, you can't even share it. I clicked the back button and made no changes. It then asked me if I would like to save the video. I chose not to and was taken back to where the video was gone. This is the worst video-making app I have ever used.

It's a terrible app. This app is not as good as the web site and it doesn't allow me to edit video the same way. The startup screen is plain to see that they didn't add all of the editing functions. The screen was so basic and plain that it made me realize I wouldn't be able do much on the app. The app was not even open for 3 minutes when I opened it. I could not find any of my projects after I signed up.

You can't remove a style from a video once it has been applied. Every style (about six) I tried cropped my images. It wouldn't let me crop my photos prior to adding them to the video. It also adds an "animoto trial", which I did not use, to your video. This app is not for me.

It's been a pleasure to use Animoto over the past few years. However, Animoto has not been able to maintain it properly for a product at a high price. It took me longer to fix 2 problems than I did making the movie. These two issues can be fixed and you will get 5 stars. Animoto Support was very helpful and responsive. They confirmed that you cannot upload videos to the app. I'm on Samsung S9, which is a newer model. The phone's age of well over one year shows how little investment was made in the maintenance of the app. Secondly, you cannot upload videos to the web interface. However, you won't be able then to pick up your creation on another platform. It's time to get back on your feet Animoto. You've lost a great product. We look forward to seeing you back.

1. There are many cosmetic improvements that can be made to the appearance and feel of this site. Navigation needs to be improved in general. 2. There is a lot of delay when selecting photos. It is frustrating and the reason I'm not renewing my subscription. 3. Paid subscriptions for the sole purpose of selling style and length are not justifiable. Many styles do not work. Value for money/paid members 4. Although tutorials claim I can add video to my projects, I have no idea how. This is a major setback.

For my small business, animoto has worked well for me for several years. The latest Android os version was great. It works great except that when you save to your phone, it doesn't store in the animoto album. The app disappears. This is a problem. Thanks.

I would like to receive a full refund of my payment. The app cheated me. The app had indicated that it would remove the limit on video length. I added subscription. It was only when I paid that it showed me that this limitation would be lifted only for desktop versions and not the Android. It is plain fraud. The app's restriction meant that I could not make a single video even though I had paid. Refund me my full subscription and cancel immediately

Since 2011, one of my favourite apps. It's so easy to make videos with any device, from mobile phones to computers. There are many great templates available, including the ability to add photos and videos. You can also share your video directly to Youtube or download it to your own computer. The downside to the Educator free version is that it cannot upload videos longer than 10 seconds. However, I can cut and modify easily. The PRO version is sure to have everything. Through the years, Animoto has been upgraded many times by its creators. If you're an educator, Animoto will be one of your 10 best tools. It has been a great tool that I've recommended to my coworkers.

Unforgiven and wasting my time! Although it is a nice app, once you have it created it does not allow for any changes. The preview video can't be viewed in fullscreen mode. This makes it difficult to spell-check and correct grammar. Again. It's a nice app, but it is not easy to fix post-production errors. It is impossible to correct the errors.

Worst experience ever. The site's response times are very slow. It isn't responding at all. Every second it crashes. It can't make videos. To make two slides for a video, it took me 3 hours. This app is dangerous and should be avoided.

This app is great for creating beautiful video memories. My only suggestion to the developers would be for users to add more photos . Currently, we are limited to 20 photo's . It's a great app! I wish it was fixed in the next release.

Does the app have a technical problem? The app is not working properly.

Cool effects and quick design app. Even the paid version has 640X480 resolution, which is useless in pixels. The image is compressed very quickly. Non realistic pricing.

My videos are not being viewed from my mobile phone. My Chromebook was used to create them. However, I want to be able add photos from my smartphone pictures. Can I only view previously uploaded videos, or can I create one?

How to install Animoto Video Maker app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Animoto Video Maker app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Animoto Video Maker

Now, you will be able to setup and run Animoto Video Maker on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.