Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer for PC

Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer for PC

Visualize, identify and light your favorite beats.


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Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer App For Windows

It's great for discovering random songs you might have heard in other places. It has helped me find songs in the grocery store, and I also used it on radio stations to listen to them play. I have also used the device at home to watch TV and stream on Twitch. It will probably not be able to find everything, but it has found 90% of the stuff it needs.

This seems to be working well. It is very easy to identify the song on the radio. I don't have to remember lyrics or look them up later. The app recognized around 30 songs. It didn't recognize a few. However, it saved audio clips so you could listen to them later and get the lyrics. You can then go back and look up that song yourself.

The app is not very good. The app found one song from Bracken, To The Stars. That's a good start. It doesn't work with less-popular songs or instrumentals. Even though the audio was crystal clear, it took a long time to locate this. This app tends to mistake dirty songs for songs. It will take you to YouTube to listen to it. But it's not the song. That is a completely different app. It's not an app that I would recommend, but it could be good.

It has helped me find some music for video games and other things over the years. Recently, however, I have noticed that the Listen On YouTube option can sometimes take me to a completely unrelated YouTube video. This is so strange. It picked up just a few seconds ago "The Only Thing That I Know For Real" (Maniac Agenda Mix), but the YT link brought me to "Olivia" (Original Mix), by Microtrauma. It is definitely not the same song! LOL! Unfortunately, I cannot find any way to report bugs within the app. But, hopefully it won't happen again.

The song will always be found. All it needs is to hear the music and find it. It can find the music even if it doesn't know what words are. It was amazing. It helped me locate a song that I had been searching for for almost 4 years. This app only has 4.6 stars because it must have the Spotify music. It won't pick up music that isn't available on Spotify. If you are singing the song, it will also not be found by the app. Before you judge the app, be aware of this.

Perfect! You can search for songs fast, it keeps track of what you searched for and you have the option to listen to those songs. It does exactly what I needed, and it did it very well. To all those complaining that you cannot listen to and search for songs while playing them in another app, my belief is that this limitation is a problem with your phone's software, not the app.

You are fine as long you can catch it before the next song starts. It had just transitioned into Motley Crue Kick Start My Heart, so I was unable to locate the song. Although it found MC and I thought that was totally wrong, it was faster than my poor brain. It only had three chords, seriously! The song was different from the one I had previously. It couldn't locate my browser so I had to uninstall it. Firefox Focus.

It is amazing to be able to instantly listen to any song via Spotify, YouTube, etc. This app is amazing. I use it whenever I find a song that I like, or if I'm not sure the name. !

It works so smoothly. It's simple and direct. This is my favorite app so far. I have tried many other apps over the years. It's great when apps do what they are supposed to and without any ads or junk. Apps with less than four stars won't get my attention or be installed on my phone. OnePlus 7 Pro. 12/256gb. My phone is 5 star. To be in my phone's top ten, they have to prove themselves worthy. This is a win.

Although it looks great, I was disappointed to find that the music could only be heard within the app. This made the process even more difficult as it was impossible for me to locate music in other apps and Music Recognition is disabled. This was an excellent explanation. Maybe you can fix this so that other apps are able to play the music. Thank you anyway

This app is amazing! This app is amazing! It plays a visualiser and has a flash lite that can be turned on or off. You can also listen to the song and find out more information. Only thing I'd appreciate is if it was possible to find the information I need with my browser (I use Google Chrome).

I'm super impressed. It was a classic piece of music I had heard that was played as background music in radio programs. It was both classical and had a voice-over. I wasn't expecting much. It correctly identified the music the first time it tried. Highly recommended.

It has great potential. When I tried to search for songs that Spotify would pick up, it seemed like Spotify was able to connect with my device. The UI needs some improvement... and possibly more options. Make sure to pay for the paid version. Every single search should be an AD. Although I can understand your desire to get paid, that is a bit excessive. After some updates, I will check again.

These apps never seem to function correctly. It fails when I really need to identify a song that I have never heard or liked before. It failed multiple times throughout the song, so it was uninstalled. The only function it attempted failed. I may reinstall the program when my song collection is bigger. If it does, I will also update my rating.

I wanted to know what song it was. I kept getting results but it never gave me the right song. Then, I realized that all the results were SoundCloud wannabes who probably paid to have this app do it. It shouldn't. It worked on several more songs. Similar results. Each time, the artist was unheard of and paid to gain more views. It's definitely malware.

How to install Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer

Now, you will be able to setup and run Beatfind - Music Recognition / Visualizer on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.