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Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs App For Windows

It should be possible to attach files while you text the seller/buyer. It's sometimes necessary to include additional information via images / videos. Unfortunately, bikroy does not offer such an option so you will need to use another app to attach files.

1. Bikroy needs to add more product-specific search filters. Prices (Low-High & High-Low), price ranges like ___ up to ___. The customer has the option to fill in the blanks with any minimum or maximum price. 2. Make your search capabilities powerful. Sometimes I get results that are not relevant to my search. 3. To save time, increase "Search History" to at least 10 searches. Search history is currently not available. It's annoying! 4. If possible, please use dark mode for the applications.

It was easy and everything worked well. Only need to make the chat system more user-friendly. It is necessary to add the ability for media transmissions into the chat.

The app is getting worse with each update. The app's search bar/option changes are so annoying...I think it was more batter before the last 3/4 update. Also, after only 5/6 minutes of use, the app stopped. This is an old bug. Please fix this problem. I'm on an Android 7 phone. Old, but it's good enough for this kind of app.

It is slow, especially the chat option. Sometimes it does not work correctly. Please fix this.

This is the worst application I have ever seen. This app is full of greedy people. There are many people who don't deliver products with a service fee. Many people don't deliver products with an advance payment. The app has caused me to lose seven thousand Taka. Daraj, a courier partner here would ensure that no money is lost.

Since a month, this app is unstable. Chat notifications don't appear at the moment when chats arrive. Chats don't open even when you enter the app. Chat is a more popular way to contact buyers than calling. The chat function is broken for 50 percent of my users. This bug has been fixed and I will give it a 1 star rating.

Amazing app! You can be sure of authenticity Bikroy has everything you need! If you have multiple searches, the app must be restarted. If you switch between ads, it stops loading information or images. Plz fix

This app is great. However, there's one thing that makes me hate it. That's nude ads, I can't use this app without my child or my parents permission.

Their current situation is the most difficult since their inception. They keep taking out pictures of products from ads, claiming that the pictures "don't seem to reflect the product." Then they edit the descriptions manually to remove important information like the price. It takes them more than eight hours to post an ad and they have an awful email support line.

The app has become a nuisance. This app crashes so many times. Clicking on an advertisement takes me to my menu screen. It allows me to slide left to right, and it takes me back to the menu screen. Scroll down and it takes me back to the menu screen. It didn't resolve the problem so I removed it and installed again. I tried cleaning junk files many times, but it didn't work. The storage on my phone is large enough and has 3GB RAM.

The app is overall a good user experience. You can customize your search filters. However, it should allow you to upload photos or videos in your inbox/messaging program. Sometimes, the buyer may require additional information or photos. There should be an option that automatically sends those files to the inbox. It should also be possible to extract text from the inbox. Sometimes users will send in their phone number and other information to the inbox.

It is completely wasteful to post an advertisement with payment through Bikroy. Only 2 phone calls were received from me on the first day of posting. Customer service kept asking for money to increase the ad.

It works fantastic! However, there is always room for improvement. The keyboard does not automatically pop up after pressing the search bar at its top. Instead, it displays three of the most recent searches. To bring up the keyboard, we need to again click on the searchbar. The developers should make it so that the keyboard appears at the click of the search bar.

It doesn't list all Toyota models if I select Toyota under Brand/Model Tab in the filters. The search criteria only includes Toyota.

How to install Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs

Now, you will be able to setup and run Bikroy - Sell, Buy & Find Jobs on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.