Bubble Shooter for PC

Bubble Shooter for PC

Classic and funny bubble shooting game. all free.


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Bubble Shooter App For Windows

The game keeps playing the same way no matter how many times you win it. It is time to fix it. I have the game on three devices, but it will only go up as many games, and won't advance. So you can either play the same game for ever or install the new version and start from the beginning.

The best and worst bubble shooter games. It's great entertainment. About 60% of ads will freeze the game. This means you'll need to shut down the game and wait for the next ad. It can be quite frustrating at times. You can also repeat one game but it won't change your score. This is hardly a problem.

Bubble shooter games can be very boring and quite fast for me. This one has been almost a week now and it's still enjoyable. Although it can sometimes be difficult, the game is easy to uninstall. You can click on one of the chests to view an advertisement for bombs or hammers. The ads last 5 seconds. WONDERFUL! It takes me 5 seconds to get help. This game is for you if these are your favorite. This game is different, which I love!

It doesn't take a lot of concentration, and I can play the game even when it's not interesting enough. There is one problem, however. It starts at level 1800. It usually happens when you are using spinner puzzles. However, it can also happen with other games. The game will stop jamming once you have completed the level. The game will not allow you to advance or go back. You can only close it and start over again. This MAJOR BUG MUST be fixed.

Although I enjoy the game overall, it doesn't allow me to progress past level 3410. Since then, I've done both an uninstall and an installation. It is no longer the same game. This version introduces themes and new challenges earlier than the previous version. You won't get the Two lifelines immediately. You can also open a treasure chest before every level (a device to show more ads). They are "upgrades” to the feeder and cannon. These seem inutilitarian.

The game freezes between levels from level 740 and higher. To advance, I must turn off my phone and then restart it. The game also keeps repeating levels. It was fun until now, but it is becoming increasingly frustrating. It will keep doing it if it continues to do this, I'll be deleting the game. It would not have received 4 stars if it didn't.

This app is amazing. It has the look and feel of classics. There could be a few more options on the menu, or side quests. It would also be nice to have a shop. It's simple and straight-forward, which makes it a great game. Ads do pop up occasionally, but you can press the Back button within 5 seconds to cancel.

My only problem with this game is the lack of variety in levels. Each level should be made more challenging to make it easier. You might add more graphics and obstacles. You don't have to ruin the enjoyment of gaming, but you should be able to prevent yourself from becoming bored. Although I enjoy the game, it is becoming a little boring. But I will keep on playing. We are grateful.

It's a great game! I have played more than 1500 levels. The game won't allow me to go above level 3410, even though I tried several times. It also freezes up at the end each level before it gives me the star box and score to move on to the next one. HELP!! Please help! Three to four days ago, I sent an email to the developer. He has not responded.

It starts off well, but once you move up to the more advanced numbers you will find that it is nothing more than constant ads for Facebook. Most of these are in Spanish and you won't be able to understand any of them. The ads last 30 seconds and take away the fun of the game. Also, the game is a cheat. It tells you the bubble moves in one direction, but when you attempt to move it in another direction, it does so. It became so frustrating that I decided to delete it.

The biggest issue with this game and many other games is the ad-supported ads that appear after each level. Every time an ad appears, or in this case, when you return to the game's screen, all music/radio apps that might be playing in the background are stopped. This happens at EVERY LEVEL of this game. Even silent ads. Even ads with just one photo, such as the Wish app ad. Boom! Silence.

This game is very enjoyable. Although it's very enjoyable, there's always an ad. You will see an ad if you close the app and return to it for more than 2 seconds. An ad will appear after you complete a level. You can't even use the retry button to do anything. The ad is still displayed and the game continues. Although it's minor, why not include a retry option if the first attempt fails?

Although I rarely give five stars, this game deserves them. Excellent graphics and game play. I have never seen an aiming system quite as good. It can be used to do almost anything, even top shots that avoid obstacles. It's a wonderful addition. You can greet him at every level. If he doesn't like your games, he will growl. Enjoy the game, download it, then play. This app has become a favorite of mine.

This game is my favorite. This game is better than all the bubble shooters. You can choose to view the advertisements or not. You get a bonus if you watch them. You won't be watching the video for any other reason than to get the game free of charge (which, I must admit, I would much rather not watch it). The only thing that will make this game better than any other is choosing your bonus. Enjoy

It's a great brain stimulator. But, I cannot play it locked right now. This game is locked. Can it be unlocked so that I can enjoy the game? It's a smart design that has a lot logic. This is so relaxing. It's fun to fail, and I enjoy watching the ads asking me to keep an eye out for a reward. This game brings back my hope. It is a well-thought out game. It is so amazing for me. This helps me to relax every night or whenever I am at the quee. Bravo! We look forward to continuing from Ward 3411 Cheers

How to install Bubble Shooter app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Bubble Shooter app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Bubble Shooter

Now, you will be able to setup and run Bubble Shooter on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.