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ClickShare for PC

The app for mobile devices to share content with ClickShare-The One Click Wonder


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If you're interested in using ClickShare on your PC or Mac, you may be wondering how to download the app and get started. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that can guide you through the process similar to this article.

ClickShare App For Windows

This product has been reliable for me over the years. I've used it in different locations and without any problems. You should not expect to be able to watch video with no frame drops. It wireless, so don't misunderstand.

It is a garbage app. It never worked. It is a shame that clickshare was purchased by my company. The app is constantly giving host errors, disconnecting from the receiver and causing them to be unavailable when they are at least 8 feet away. Mirroring your TV screen is possible using your network. You can hook up a computer to your television. This is more cost-effective than the clickshare crap. The computer will mirror your phone screen faster.

This app is garbage. This app is trash. Today's 10.31.20 was the current time. The latest update didn’t fix my iphone and mine. If an app gets poor reviews, even after several years of updates and improvements, it means that the developers are not concerned about whether the product can connect to mobile devices. Negative reviews can have a negative impact on sales in the future.

App and service that are useless. When presenting, you don't need to go online. You can buy and use the Google Chromecast.

It doesn't currently work with the Pixel 3. However, it did work on the iPhone which was a bit disappointing.

It needs to be updated. It can be chromecast or airplayed to, but it is lacking advanced features.

It works well, but it is slow with the adapter for USB on laptop. The app "Can't locate a meeting place" does not work at all.

Although I am able to use clickshare wifi web browser to view the set-up, the app cannot find a meeting room by entering IP or name.

App locates my slides and projects them nicely. (Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the latest Android). However, it becomes "stuck", and won't move forward nor back. The system freezes and it won't load another deck. This problem is not experienced by others who have the Clickshare system on a USB device. Why isn't the Clickshare app optimized for tablets?

Connect to clickshare base-generated wifi. This has no internet connection and will not stay connected. Android phones avoid these types of wireless points. After connection, the app crashed. It was very frustrating

I will continue to use a wired connection until I am able to access the internet via my smartphone and view local files. Senior citizens learn how to use the internet via their phones. If the connection doesn't work, it stops the demonstration from working. Other than that, everything is great. Samsung Galaxy A5 Android 7.0.

Screen mirroring was not mentioned in the app's description/features at first. However, once I installed it it is a function and works perfectly!

It's unclear if my company implemented the CSE800 system, or my smartphone. But I cannot get my screen to display. Although I am able to connect to Clickshare WiFi, the error "Host unknown" occurs when trying to cast. It's so easy.

It works as expected with my Nexus 5x; screen mirroring was an issue for me initially when I granted root access to the app. It works without root.

Useless. Connected via clickshare wifi. Click on the Host listing to get an error message. Register on the support site, but you can't log in to create a ticket. Moto X Pure running Android 6.0

How to install ClickShare app for Windows 10 / 11

Installing the ClickShare app on your Windows 10 or 11 computer requires the use of an Android emulator software. Follow the steps below to download and install the ClickShare app for your desktop:

Step 1: Download and install an Android emulator software to your laptop

To begin, you will need to download an Android emulator software on your Windows 10 or 11 laptop. Some popular options for Android emulator software include BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu. You can download any of the Android emulator software from their official websites.

Step 2: Run the emulator software and open Google Play Store to install ClickShare

Once you have installed the Android emulator software, run the software and navigate to the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is a platform that hosts millions of Android apps, including the ClickShare app. You will need to sign in with your Google account to access the Google Play Store.

After signing in, search for the ClickShare app in the Google Play Store. Click on the ClickShare app icon, then click on the install button to begin the download and installation process. Wait for the download to complete before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Setup and run ClickShare on your computer via the emulator

Once the ClickShare app has finished downloading and installing, you can access it from the Android emulator software's home screen. Click on the ClickShare app icon to launch the app, and follow the setup instructions to connect to your ClickShare cameras and view live video feeds.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can visit the software's official website. Most Android emulator software websites have troubleshooting guides and FAQs to help you resolve any issues that you may come across.