Cooling Master-Phone Cooler for PC

Cooling Master-Phone Cooler for PC

Reduces CPU usage and cool down your phone. Clean ram and extend battery life.


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Cooling Master-Phone Cooler App For Windows

The app is great for cooling. It does its job well and it's very easy to use. There is one problem. I can't get the app to follow my settings. It keeps turning itself on and off constantly. There is no option for adjusting the slidelock/homepage. It would be nice to have the ability to turn it off. It was interfering in my operations, so I had to remove it.

Thank you for temperature monitoring. This app has been my favorite for several weeks. It makes it feel like I am not letting other apps run in the background. A big problem ..... The app is unreliable, untrustworthy, and lists a bunch of apps arbitrarily even though none are actually running. It can create a list with 20 apps, but all the running apps are only 5, etc. You can confirm that the app has not stopped being there by going to the Developer options/Running Services. If forced top isn't highlighted, go to settings/Apps. You can force-stop the app by using this method. Once the app is stopped, it should not appear in the drop-down list. Android can easily and precisely detect them through the settings/app page. These apps still show up as running even though they are not running in the first instance. If possible, please shed some light. This app is full of potential.

The phone ran hot at 125 degrees on average. It shut down almost every time it tried. I couldn't isolate the problem to apps over-working my CPU. Cooling Master caught my attention just as I was about to purchase a new smartphone. It made a huge difference! It has not been shut down once since. Its average temperature is now in the 90's. The app targets and closes down the infringing apps with amazing results!

My phone feels cooler when this app isn't running. The premium edition I purchased does not function as expected. It could only be one application running on my phone, but it will continue to tell me that the device is too hot and I need to close all programs. It's now hot again, so I follow the instructions. This app is causing my phone to heat up so I'm going to remove it.

This app works well both as an indicator of temperature rise and to reduce heating. Half a star is taken off for unexpectedly hearing advertising. It was annoying enough that everyone kept staring at my train seat in quiet zones. I'm taking off half a star for unwelcome weather notifications that take up too much of my notification area and need to be reactivated almost daily at the app's settings. It's really annoying. It is really annoying!

If that makes sense, I believe every smartphone should automatically have the app installed. This app is a great tool. The app works great and my phone returned to its normal temperature in no time. >>edit. It has become worse lately. Every time I try to cool down my phone, the app crashes and freezes.

This really does work, believe it or not! My tablet was working fine. However, when I tried to run kodi on a 1080p movie, it would heat up and crash. It would then take more than 2 hours to view the same file. The tablet would need to be reset approximately every 15 minutes. The problem was resolved instantly by placing a desk fan at its back. It's not even warm on the tablet!

It tells me what the temperature is in my phone. This is nice, but it can also indicate the heat level. If the phone gets too hot (102deg), there are buttons to shut down the apps and "cool" it. It scans the phone to locate them. It stays in scan mode for more than 10 minutes without showing any results. I downloaded this app in order to determine what was making my phone heat up. It's still not found on my LGV30.

You can save storage space, RAM, and battery power by not installing. Simply go to your app settings and go through every app before clicking the Stop Running button. Wallah. Many computer-illiterate people are being ripped off. This is like adding extra weight to your car, and then removing the useful stuff such as the seats. The dead weight will make your car lighter and more efficient.

It cools down my phone and alerts me when it's overheated. The reason I gave it a 4 star rating was because I had to scroll down my screenaver to see the Cooler Master page. After that, I must scroll down my screensaver to view the Cooler Master Diagnostic page. Finally, I need to scroll back to my screensaver. Although it doesn't seem like it's too bad, it can be annoying.

These apps are cleaner and cpu/battery more efficient. All of these apps use more than half my RAM and are faster to heat up and slower to lag. It makes absolutely no sense to use more RAM to cool down your smartphone/tablet. Then, when I clean up or boost it does nothing. Because I return to my settings, all cache apps are still open

Complete and total garbage. You used to have the option to shut down all background applications to cool down your phone. Now it puts 3-4 ads into the notification area, and then puts another two in the unlock window. Another unskippable ad follows. This is a horrible piece of junk. Stay away. It could be a virus.

It's an excellent app. It cools my phone, and even displays the temperature. However, the weather notifications keep showing up on my phone even after I disabled them. I cannot give it more stars until this is resolved.

It was fine up until the update made it take over the lockscreen when running in the background. It was meant to remain invisible. It is impossible to switch it off. Uninstalling.

Best app i had ever seen before . This app works. You can see the phone's temperature with an email message. You can also check the temperature of your phone. You can check if your phone is getting too hot by opening the app and following the instructions. Starting at #MYANMAR (Burma).

How to install Cooling Master-Phone Cooler app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Cooling Master-Phone Cooler app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

Now, you will be able to setup and run Cooling Master-Phone Cooler on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.