Fastrack Reflex for PC

Fastrack Reflex for PC

This application helps you connect to your Fastrack Reflex.


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Fastrack Reflex App For Windows

Motion detection is a feature that detects wrist movements. Please update the firmware to include it. To even glance at the time, it is very annoying to need to touch the band. The band could detect the flicker of your wrist, and light up the time. Please improve the IMU's filtering system to detect steps. It isn’t accurate enough.

This app is terrible! There are many UI problems that can have been fixed with good testing. Although the App contains a User Manual, it seems like it was created by 10 years olds. It vibrates when the App connects or syncs. This is the biggest problem. This happens approximately every three minutes. It's extremely annoying.

The app is not what you want. There are many features that the app does not have. 1. We don't need to know the battery percentage but if it is, we can find out how much battery charge. 2. It isn't showing the date. The band shows the month and not the date. Provide some options like font style change , change display sleep timings etc. In the next update, I expect at least these options.

It's really great! It does exactly what I expected. I have an idea to create new themes and a vertical version of the home screen. Overall, it's much more user-friendly than I expected. My only complaint is the fact that cricket matches don't seem to be happening as fast as I expected. Only the matches that were played before me were available. But I'm still impressed.

Fastrack doesn't appear to have any product managers. It is time for Titan to reevaluate their priorities and create a single vision for all of their services. While it's okay for each brand to have their own app, the UX is destroyed by having multiple apps. It's not necessary to have the exact same app, as it is a front-end. You don't need to create the same app for every band. A poor UI is also a sign of a lackluster API.

Fastrack reflex was my choice, despite all of the other fitness bands. The product is terrible. The band seems to be always connected to my phone, but it is still not. To ensure I received whatsapp messages, I had to delete the app and then reinstall it four times. Fastrack is a disappointment. The band disconnects and it takes you back to connect again. Even then, you do not receive all notifications. Also, the sleep tracker was useless. I spent 2k to get a rubber band with time. You have to touch it again and again. That motion sensor is great!

February 18, 2019 Update - If you experience connection and crashing problems, please reinstall your app. Poor implementation. It is not intuitive. Every time I disconnect the band, the saved settings are lost. This makes it impossible to customize the display of the band. The camera button works only when the app is manually connected and launched. Notifications for apps rarely work. It is so difficult to transfer data to leaderboards... The app doesn't have the right tools.

This is an awful application. I expected it to stay connected once it was connected, but the sync is lost almost immediately. It won't let me access the app if it is disconnected. To connect to the watch, I have to usually restart my phone. Poor software. If I start to talk about the watch, it's just adequate, and that's why i gave 2 stars. It has many capabilities, but it doesn't have all of them. I expect both to get a software upgrade.

Both the app and product don't work. This was a complete waste of money. Tracker sensors show random readings that may not even be relevant. The application is useless. I recommend that you either correct these issues or shut it down. This product is a complete waste of money, time and resources.

It works perfectly with the 'lift the wrist' feature. There are still some things to be done, including the alignment of display (which would look great in Mi Band 3), stopwatch, timer, day, weather, and an option to turn off the phone's silent mode. The band vibrates continuously even after the user answers the call. It continues to vibrate until the finger touches the sensor. The app interface should have a "wave" gesture to control the camera. Titan could also make improvements. We expect an update in the near future.

First, what's the UPI payment? It is so confusing. It disconnects quite often. Notification count is not up-to-date. The Sleep Counter has no value. The app does not allow data to be synced. It has a very long battery life, despite having very few features and limited hardware support.

It is only good for a few days! It has stopped syncing data to the watch. It has been reinstalled multiple times, but it still isn't working. After a few seconds, it shows the steps and then goes off to reset the data back to zero. It is not fetching monthly data. Although I took a screenshot of daily steps, it was not showing in the app.

The worst app. It works for a few days, then stops working. It is frustrating and irritating. The band itself is great, but the interface to the app is terrible. There is always a connectivity problem with the band. It is first difficult to connect with the band via app. If you do succeed, then bluetooth connectivity is lost and cannot be restored. It is necessary to remove the app and install it again. This app has a high number of downloads because users often uninstall it.

My band works properly. App easy to use. However, I would like to suggest that you include more functions such as receiving phone calls from the band and rejecting calls. I have some issues. Is it possible to fix this? It is necessary to have an alarm set up regularly. This option, which allows you to set the alarm every day without having to connect your phone, can be added. please. Have you encountered a problem? I have a problem when taking selfies using watch. It always turns my photos. Please fix this issue.

I bought this band just a few days ago, and am already hating it. Titan, I didn't expect this creation. There are many problems. 1. The Bluetooth range of the band is extremely small. It disconnects when it is not moved more than 2 m from the phone. 2. Band vibrates at regular intervals even when the phone is in its pocket. 3. The call notification lags for between 30-40 seconds. You can check and answer the call directly on your phone during this time lag. 4. The package should clearly and prominently include a Whatsapp notification. However, the exact same message isn't being displayed during actual use. I tried to access Notification settings, but it was not there. There is no option to customize the notification app. After purchasing a better, but identical product on the market, money was wasted.

How to install Fastrack Reflex app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Fastrack Reflex app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Fastrack Reflex

Now, you will be able to setup and run Fastrack Reflex on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.