Froling Connect for PC

Froling Connect for PC

You can easily check and control your Fröling system with Connect.


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Froling Connect App For Windows

Many areas need to be improved. It is difficult to connect, but once it has been set up, it's quite reliable. There is not enough information about the system or the actual settings. It is necessary to review the English translation of the German documentation. Based on my recent experiences with the PE1 boiler, it is important that I first investigate why error notifications are deleted after you have looked at one. Then, question why the app has a section to view the notification again, even if they are not available. It is also possible to modify the settings even if the system isn't connected to the internet. Which settings are being modified? This software has too many bugs. October 2020 Edit: While there are some minor improvements to the app and software, I still believe there's a lot more room for improvement. This software was not approved by me as a software developer. The suction system doesn't function properly after a year and it will cease working entirely if the pellets accumulate to 20%. The only way to fix this is to move the pellets about in the storage area to feed the suction head. This system would not be my choice if I had to choose again.

This is a huge improvement on the old web system that was slow to connect. Froeling should be careful with remote ignition, as the system's current flaws are largely due to the software. It doesn't let you change the ignition date. This should be simple since it is available on the internet. There needs to be a way to re-ignite failed ignitions. It has been causing me, my family, and others cold. However, simply opening the door and turning the fan on made it work.

The customer service team was helpful and prompt. The app allows you monitor and control your system remotely. My poor internet connection causes my connectivity to drop quite often.

How to install Froling Connect app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Froling Connect app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Froling Connect

Now, you will be able to setup and run Froling Connect on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.