Godus for PC

Godus for PC

An award-winning sandbox game. Craft a living world. Build a civilisation


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Godus App For Windows

It's slow, but you can still have fun. It would be a big difference if the mobile version was the same price as the PC version, which included the pitofom. The game should be available for free for those who enjoy the slow income but the possibility of having the pit of death (the game's life force) should not be denied. It's a well-constructed and thought out game, but we need the pit. It would be great to zoom in a bit more, particularly as your game grows.

It's a fun little game. It's more of an idle pastime if you don't buy belief. Although it encourages spending money, the game is not Pay-to-play. You can still complete all tasks but it takes longer. It's not something that you could binge-play for hours, but it is fun to have fun for an hour and then return to it later in the day. It has been frustrating for me, and I have had to uninstall it several times. It can be confusing, so I recommend learning about game strategies.

This game was a favorite of mine, and I downloaded it again to see how it had changed since my last download. It feels more difficult now. I think this is due to the fact that they want you to spend money for all of the in-app purchases. The commercials take up 30 seconds and are very aggressive. There's no way to skip these.

The game is updating! This game is a great one. I have played the entire thing from beginning to end on multiple devices. Although there is no end to the game, there are times when there's nothing left. Some reviews claim there is a paywall, but that's not true. You can find slower areas that take more time, but you cannot buy anything with real cash. When you reach enough, gem mining is possible.

Although it's an enjoyable game, there are some things that can make it difficult to use. It should be possible to move and delete shrines. It was new, so I accidentally put it down. I don't like where it is. The red x alert also stopped me from building and cost me my life. It would also be better if existing homes could be upgraded than trying to squeeze more people in.

I tried to give the game another chance. After a couple of days, the paywall hit me again. You can charge real money for larger settlements or supplies that keep your followers happy - 80 ads just to purchase a tree are not worth my time. The accuracy of sculpture is not yet known. The concept is great and I love the game, but it's too expensive for me. F2P players have a difficult time advancing.

This is a fun game that's great and enjoyable, but it becomes tedious after a while. One thing I would like to see fixed: zooming out. I get lost all the time and cannot find my way back home. Also, on Chromebook, the text gets blacked out making it difficult to read/see.

It's a good idea, but please allow us to zoom out further for the sake of GOD. Either give the power to dismantle treasure temples or make them have a purpose after you've claimed the treasure. It's difficult to navigate around the land because my eyes get blurred. Although I would like to give you that ability, at the moment it is giving me headaches trying to play.

The first few hours were fun, but then it became a tedious grind. It got to the point where I just needed to log in to gather belief and maybe even build a farm. It would be so much more enjoyable if the game could simply be pulled up, I could move one or two mountains and then go about my day. Instead, I press some pink dots. I wish I could do so much more.

It's beautiful. This reminds me of old PC games like "Cleopatra", and "Zeus". Please and Thank You for these suggestions: After the view has been rotated, stop default reorienting of it. It can be left as it was. 2. Making it a little more challenging to raze trees. They are constantly being destroyed by me. 3. The two-finger drag to navigate versus the one finger drag for earthwork is a little awkward. Maybe a toggle would be possible between moving and sculpture, allowing one-finger gestures to do both. 4. For those times when you accidentally stray from the path to destruction, add an "Undo” button. 5. To allow fountains and shrines to be relocated. To be moved. 6. Let the tutorial skip. It's okay to skip the tutorial and just start again with another approach. Keep up the great work. If this game was expanded and improved, I'd definitely buy it. Your creativity and your style are very appealing to me.

This is my favorite kind of game. It's a great game because you can create the landscape. There are some problems with the game itself. It is frustrating that you have to use two fingers to maneuver the board. It would be nice to have a switch to move from sculpture to movement. It also means that I ruin my sculpting when I move a portion of the land I don't want to. I wish there was an "undo" button. One that would give you back your faith. I need to know more about the new features of this game. Let me purchase an "ad-free" version

It's a brilliant idea. It's a great game. I love the layout. There are a couple of issues that, I fear, break the game. Loading takes 2+ minutes. It's not just a once-off load. You will need to load again if the screen stops working. Once you reach a certain point, the advertisements start to appear and can be annoying. It was this reason I gave it two stars. These are the things I'd fix and it would get 5 stars.

This game is my favorite. It was available on my old phone, but it couldn't support graphics or game play. My new LG V40 phone has smooth graphics and gaming on super high! It is easy to understand, but the concept is unique and it is relaxing. The game's sounds and colors are amazing. It's great that the UK has a team of people who make this game. We are grateful to 22cans for their support!

Very well-designed game. Beautiful graphics and great sound! It's easy to feel both relaxed and amazed when you dig up the chests. It's easy to navigate the complex interface and gameplay elements, but it isn't overwhelming. It has no narrative so I am able to play at my own pace. I also feel that I have the freedom to stop whenever I want and continue exploring the world. There are a few issues with the interface, such as too narrow line spacing and error icons in information messages.

This game is not something I would enjoy. This game is designed to make you spend money. It's frustrating to use the controls. To move, it should use the "joystick", instead of using two fingers. It should also have an "undo" button. It seems like I am always putting layers on the wrong side, or accidentally shifting them. This is wasting so much Belief. The most frustrating part is the journeys. Never have I been so annoyed by an app mechanic for mobile games that I refuse to play them.

How to install Godus app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Godus app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Godus

Now, you will be able to setup and run Godus on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.