Golden 1 Mobile for PC

Golden 1 Mobile for PC

You're never more than a tap away from your Golden 1 accounts.


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Golden 1 Mobile App For Windows

Good app experience. It's not too extravagant, though. Update: The app has been fixed. It's been a while since I was able to access it due to a bug. Both the website and app load slow, each feature feels as if it were provided by another company. This is really bizarre. This is just OK.

My Nexus 6 freezes frequently and the app is extremely slow when depositing checks. You must also disable USB debugging to be able to use the app, which I use quite often. Similar to iOS, the iOS app won't load if your phone is jailbroken. It's extremely annoying, and renders the app almost unusable to power users.

Love Golden 1 Credit Union app. Also, the card control app that works perfectly with Golden 1 app is amazing. I am now much more confident about my finances with immediate alerts for withdrawals and other notifications. It's amazing! It is amazing how simple it is to be a 59-year old and figure anything. Whether you are transferring money, alerting, or depositing checks via photo, everything takes so much less time than the old school 2 weeks to clear a check. I now pay my bills using Golden 1 app. That's what I like.

Terrible update! I no longer can log into app. It has been installed several times without any success in logging me in. The old app worked fine for me over the years. Now I cannot even access my account. These glitches are horrible! This is a terrible issue! It seems that I am not alone! Updated 4/4/22: This app is still terrible! The Golden One needs to do something! It's still not possible to log in. Tech support was not helpful! It is absurd!

Both good and bad experiences have been my experience. Although it is an easy application to use, every update seems to make it more difficult. Updates have taken away the ability to view available credit. Bill payment became very complicated. It is frustrating that the timeout can sometimes be triggered by a need to open another app to get information. When I return, I have to authenticate again. I am delaying upgrading because of the issues that Samsung's new phone has. App could use some improvements.

Similar to a lot other people. Everything was transferred over to the Samsung S22 Ultra. Except for this, all apps were compatible. I thought it might have gotten corrupted during the transfer so I uninstalled/reinstalled the app, but it didn't work. The app opens with nothing but a blank screen and a small G1 logo. It's how I pay my car bill so it is important that it works.

Recently, I upgraded to the S22. The golden 1 app doesn't load at all. It just displays the "g" symbol on the center of the screen. It's been deleted 3 times to try and make it work. However, it isn't loading at all. I have updated it to the latest version. When it does work, it's an easy and great app. I will give it my highest recommendation.

What time is golden 1 going fix these apps problems ????? The app has been unavailable to me for over a year. The app's changes didn't make it any easier, and it made the problem worse because I couldn't access the log screen. The app opened with a blank pop-up saying "USB debug". This has been happening for quite some time.

It seems that I am not the only one having problems with my app not opening/loading after I upgraded to Samsung s22plus. Tomorrow I am going to another state and will need the app open in order to track my spending. It's great (sarcasm). It's really disappointing.

The app won't open after upgrading to S22 Ultra. I tried uninstalling the app and updating, but it didn't work. The G1 symbol will appear in the middle of my screen. It just remains there. As everyone else, at this moment, I'm considering changing my bank. It is unacceptable that an app doesn't function correctly on new devices.

The App is great! It's easy to navigate the site and do what you need. It's great, with the exception of last year's upgrade. The facility has a small, "hometown" feeling that I love. Everybody is friendly and so helpful

Since the update there has been numerous problems .... and why popmoney continues to request an email from a person to whom I've sent money multiple times. These emails are stored as such. It won't allow me to go back into the app and re-insert my email. The app is a joke, judging by the other reviews. 6/28 Is unable to check my account at 8am. They also tell me that they cannot validate my information, even though they have deleted and reinserted. Prompting a lockout .....

It worked up to 3 weeks ago. It's now a complete pain! Other apps worked fine. Multiple security scans have not detected any malware virus etc. Multiple times I have uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it. Google Play reviews revealed that others have experienced the same problem since G1's previous update. This problem isn't limited to Samsung smartphones. This credit union is not recommended. I'm going to look for another financial institution capable of handling their software.

Handwritten checks are better than electronic business checks for mobile deposit. Although I know how to handle a personal check that doesn't go through (write in zeros), I don't have any idea what to do with a business check. It is not my intention to go into the branch and cash 6 dollars in change. Internally, auto capture for mobile deposits is conflicted. Both instruct me to ensure that all four corners are visible, and then to continue moving closer. You can choose one, but not both.

The app was recently updated. You will need to use your password for every sign-in. You will also need multiple logins to access your account and make deposits. The app, and the way they have set it up are 95 percent of why I'm looking to change banks. Update: Although I tried to fix the problem, it is still not fixed. You can no longer mobile deposit. Absolute rubbish.

How to install Golden 1 Mobile app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Golden 1 Mobile app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Golden 1 Mobile

Now, you will be able to setup and run Golden 1 Mobile on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.