GunboundM for PC

GunboundM for PC

Gunbound is World famous Turn-base Online Shooting Game.


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GunboundM App For Windows

It was an amazing port of the original game, which I was thrilled to discover. It's easy to use, looks balanced, even though you won't be spending money. With all due respect, I have to say that the softnyx translation from English to native language is a bit rough. It could do with a different look. Poor translation can sometimes make it difficult to understand crucial game mechanics. If I can, I'd love to assist.

It looks great. It brings back fond memories. A summary chart of damage and hits would be a great addition to the next update. I would like to know how you did in damage compared with your teammates and against other players. Line shots, which are direct hits and take place in all areas of the game eliminating the need for wind or impact, can be so prevalent that they eliminate the necessity of wind. Develop a game type that is long-range or maps with no line shots. Thanks! Great game devs!

It's not pay-to-win but it's possible to pay extra for faster progress (though this is expensive). There are also a few really great avatars you can only earn by spending in-game currency. However, tanks and avatars can be earned if enough time is given. The more powerful avatars will barely give an advantage, but that only happens if your strategy is right. It's a well-designed and constantly updated game. The ads aren't annoying at all, thank goodness.

This game has been a favorite of mine for many years on both mobile and PC. I won't be able to fully explain the game's demise, as it has 500 characters. But, let's just say that this is not the right type of strategy shooting game. The game has been simplified to the point that if you don't go first you will likely lose your match. Shooting glitches, such as Roan shot 2, getting stuck in its landing spot, are not fixed. I have had to re-learn the tanks that I used for many years, because wind effects can change without notice. Etc

Although the game is great, the intricacies of the free-to play system are confusing and complicated. It's sometimes difficult to understand character stats, especially in games. This is why it makes upgrading your stats so complicated. It's easy to interact with the gem system without knowing whether what you do is having an effect. Or maybe I just don't get it. The game itself is amazing.

This game is a great one. I first played it on a computer years ago. I still love the mobile version. The problem is, when your connectivity is unstable, it's impossible to play. You'll be back in lobby and not have the chance to go back to the match. This is why I give this game 3 stars. It's a great game with a fun and simple mechanic. Another thing that I missed is playing with friends like 2x2.

It's addictive and as fun as the original. The original was more enjoyable to me, but there were many more factors. Download only if you are okay with developing an addiction. It's still my favorite game, 2.5 years after its original release. It's a great game because it offers a variety of competitive play. Although I am a gold dragon and have a well-equipped team, it is always interesting to try other combinations.

It's a very poor attempt to make a mobile version. There are some important features that make the original game unique. Speed of shots has no effect on the order of turns. You could allow your opponent to get two more shots if you had a stronger move or an item. These kinds of decisions made gunbound deeply. This game is just another cheap gunbound clone. Gunbound clone is what I mean, and I recognize how genre-defining gunbound can be. If they wanted to gunboundm could also be. All of the chassis are also watered down. Each shot has its own charm and character, but they all feel the same. They are often very similar. These changes seem to keep rounds within the perfect mobile formula of 3-5 minutes. They have two options for duels, and longer 2v2 matches. The gameplay is adapted to the needs of the mobile user. The game now features characters, gems, random purchase of chassis packs and other elements that we don't like about mobile gaming. Although I rarely write reviews, the original game was very dear to me and it was sad that it had taken a wrong turn around 2008. This could have been a great platform and an opportunity for revival, but it was not. It feels cheap and uninspired, even though it's not.

You can expect to be beaten many times before you level up. This was once a fun game, but they have now made it so you can lose lots of money on purpose. They are trying to make money from your desperateness. Do not be fooled. It's perfectly normal to feel that your winning rate is declining before you can level up. These difficult environments will be adjusted by the system to make you crazy.

Although it is one of the best games, the small bugs and other problems make it difficult to enjoy. My ranking is constantly affected by the game becoming disconnected, which results in me losing my coins and my rank. You are constantly matched up with higher-ranking players wearing more costly gear, and always win. Both can occur between 50-75% of all times, which is quite frustrating.

4./5, because I miss Gunbound's old maps, gear and bot mechanics. Most importantly, though I don't like the shot guideline. The legacy system should be used by developers. The user can see the trajectory, telemetry of power, and angle from previous shots but not the guideline. Gunbound was something I really missed, so it's great to have it back. Overall, the game is great! For now, rating 4/5

Incomplete and unbalanced. The maps and tanks in the tutorial are so unbalanced that most bots will be obsolete. It is very basic and insufficient. There are many things you need to do yourself, or consult forums (not worth it). If you aren't willing to spend money to win, you won't have any chance of winning against the other players upgrading.

It's important to keep it simple. You guys made the original game better, but it was still great. The tutorial was frustrating! It is easy to grasp. You managed to completely destroy the game's skill. This version is even worse. I also know some of the elements in the original were paid to win, but it feels more so. I think you guys should have done more.

Players are now more powerful the more skins that they buy. This game has been my favorite for three years, but it's now just like all the other pay-to-win options. There are also bugs in each update that break the game's functionality, and some that developers don't recognize or know how to fix. Although Gunbound was great, it is no longer worth the time.

It's as fun as it was years ago, and the game is still very enjoyable. It's challenging and enjoyable! It is 100% pay-to-win after you rank up to the gold axe. You are only matched against other people who have probably spent more than 40$ to increase their stats and level up. It is completely unfair that someone like me refuses to spend money on developers who pay to win. To avoid having to manage it, I created a brand new account. Ridiculous!

How to install GunboundM app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install GunboundM app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install GunboundM

Now, you will be able to setup and run GunboundM on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.