Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Coloring book: paint & color by number 💯 free! Enjoy amazing drawings! ❤️💛💜


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Happy Color – Color by Number App For Windows

Sometimes it freezes. There used to be a good variety of options for both kids and adults. It seems that it is becoming more popular with kids, and those who love Disney or superheroes. There are fewer choices for adults. Another game I found that moves automatically to the next colour after the previous one has been completed is a great choice. I also like the choices as an adult.

It's a cute game with some problems. Everything freezes when it gives you an answer (ads). It is impossible to shrink or enlarge the screen, choose a color, and so on. Sometimes the game will crash and the screen goes black. You can reopen the game to see your progress. It used to be my favorite game, but it is now frustrating.

This game is something I enjoy playing every day. It's very addictive. The ads are the only reason it's not 5 stars. I have had to close half of the ads that don't work, which caused me to quit and re-enter my app. You're forcing us to see an ad every time we colour, and if we close the app, we have to tab back in. Give us some hints or compensation after each page. It's really irritating and ruins the user experience. It's otherwise an excellent app.

The ads make the game very frustrating. The game is well-designed and contains a lot of different puzzles. There are ads when you open a puzzle and when you complete one. You also get an ad each time your screen is unlocked/tabbed back in. It seems like $8 to remove ads, but it is worth it considering the high quality of the game. If they could get rid of ads at the beginning of the game, I'd rate it five stars.

After trying many other apps, I finally decided that this was the best coloring app. Sometimes I'll delete the app for a second, as I did just now, because there are too many pieces I need to finish and it's easier than cleaning them all up. Once that small chore is done, however, I immediately uninstall the app and go back to my favorite apps.

This app has been a favorite of mine for many years. It took me 3+ years to finish daily photos and categories. Happy Color suggests that you can save and sync your work so it appears on other devices. I followed the instructions exactly when they were given to me. I couldn't get the app to sync. Many years of work lost. Support replied to my email asking for assistance, saying that sync might not work.

It's very enjoyable and relaxing. This app is addictive! There are so many images you can color, and there's a lot to choose from. The app is not comparable to the ones I've tried. Edit: The app has been freezing since the update. I'm hoping this can be corrected. My tablet is constantly running "device maintenance", but it does nothing to fix the issue.

This game is a joy to play. There are very few ads. You have many options to color draw, which is a plus. The color schemes also are very pleasing. Despite having no problems with the mobile app, the tablet app crashed twice since I downloaded it. My stuff was lost, so I had to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Not an auspicious beginning. It could be me, particularly if there are no other issues.

I love the puzzles and don't mind ads. It is annoying that if I switch to another app, such as to respond to a message or to swap between apps, I have to watch the ads every time I do so, no matter how short my absence. Even if the swap lasted less than 10 seconds. Because the ads are so terrible, I must choose whether to reply to people or play.

This coloring app is great because it doesn't fill a large area with patterns. I loved going on a hunt for the hidden sections and really enjoyed this app. It was difficult to switch colors because the adds covered up the areas, so I could only click the top circle (using my Chromebook). Unfortunately, this led to the uninstallation.

It's a great game that is relaxing, enjoyable, and fun. However, there are some issues. If you have the ability to sync through Facebook and it is just general syncing, why don't you save your in-progress photos? Or the possibility to modify your Facebook instead of having it only be an occasional thing? This is really stupid. You can either change the whole thing or give me some suggestions. After all, if you have a Facebook account I should be able log in to make changes.

It would be a five-star product, but it freezes up a lot. You have to get out and go back inside to watch the ad before you can play. It's otherwise good. This game is really bad due to all the freeze-ups. My last coloring game froze more than 20 times on one page. This game will be deleted! !

So many advertisements! If you're working on a puzzle and switch between apps, an ad will take up all of your screen. You try to close the ad, but the x becomes so tiny that you click it instead. There is a banner advertisement at the bottom of each puzzle. You can click on it accidentally while trying to select a color. It wouldn't bother me if there was only the banner ad, and the full-screen ad at puzzle's start. However switching to Discord for just a few seconds should not be considered an ad. It's quite relaxing and fun, other than that.

Delightful!!! I love the variety and the photos. Only thing I would like was to be able to easily search for images by subject. For example, I was looking for pictures of castles and tea for my storyboard. It was a tedious task.

It's amazing once you get rid of the advertisements. Although it was difficult to locate the right option, $8 is well worth it to not have to see a 30-second ad for every 60 seconds. Another way that they "get" you is to deliberately create tiny flecks of color that are so subtle you wouldn't notice them. The best way to avoid having to look at ads looking for clues is to skip the color that you don't want to finish and then come back to the beginning with the screen zoomed in a bit. It is much easier for tiny missed areas to be identified when all else has been filled in.

How to install Happy Color – Color by Number app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Happy Color – Color by Number app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Happy Color – Color by Number

Now, you will be able to setup and run Happy Color – Color by Number on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.