HebDate Hebrew Calendar for PC

HebDate Hebrew Calendar for PC

A Hebrew-Secular Monthly Calendar, with Scheduling, Chagim, Zmanim & Widget.


HebDate Hebrew Calendar pc screenshot 1HebDate Hebrew Calendar pc screenshot 1HebDate Hebrew Calendar pc screenshot 1

HebDate Hebrew Calendar App For Windows

After the March update, HebDate does not function on a pixel 6 Pro with Android 12. The updated date/time widget, which allows the user to choose which calendar they want displayed, is suspect. History shows the blue screen, with A as the central calendar. Android says that HebDate is constantly stopping. It failed to install after I attempted uninstalling it and then reinstalling. It worked until Google updated. It worked fine with my Android 11 phone. UPDATED. The app will be fixed in a short time. 5STARS AGAIN.

Evidently, you didn't see my updated feedback. I have rated the issue at 5 stars. 4.06.22. Update. Updated 4/6/22. The most recent release, v8.06, seems to have resolved all my complaints so I raised my rating to 5 stars. This keeps changing my settings and subscription to the free one, which is extremely annoying. To no avail, I attempted to uninstall and reinstall. This is a serious problem. I will not renew my subscription unless you resolve it quickly.

This app has been working fine for me as a premium user since years. The notification bar's date disappeared last March. Support did not respond to my email. The feedback function had not worked when I tried to email again. Although this app is great, there should be someone who can help with issues. If the issue is not resolved, I won't renew my membership.

This app was great, it synced up well with Google Calendar. The premium version is not available for me. This allows you to store Jewish dates (like yahrtzeits), from one year to another. It's an important feature that I really wanted. My LG-V20 (VS955) has Android 8.0.0 software on Verizon.

I get way too many advertisements for paying an annual subscription. The pop-up advertisements are also killing the app. I have tried several times to get in touch with the developer, but no response. We are grateful to the developer that they addressed the issue. App now works smoothly.

This app was once great. There are more advertisements, and they jump in before your can see anything. These ads contain video clips, which despite the claim that they can stop you from watching the entire video and skip to the next one, it does not anymore. You are stuck watching the whole video. This is too annoying when you are short on time. It was difficult to use the app because of all the ads. It was frustrating to use for so many years, that I finally gave up and purchased a new app.

It is an excellent app. The recent addition of advertisements is making it less enjoyable overall. You can't open an app silently to check Zmanim, or any similar. There are always loud audio apps that could pop up. If anyone has any suggestions for something like it, please let me know.

Excellent Hebrew/English app It supports Hebrew holidays, and can be customized to provide specific Hebrew learning times. You can add events from your smartphone's calendar. Displays calendar in Hebrew or English.

This app was free to me for many years. Banner ads are not offensive to me. The app is very annoying when the phone is in silent mode. It blasts loud pop-up adverts right before it opens.

This app has been with me for quite some time. Although it's extremely useful, I noticed the widget's times are one minute faster than the full-screen. The Report an issue function is useless.

This app was great until the crash. The app does not open or work anymore. Widget also. Every time it crashes. Fix it.

This app is great, but the ads are a disappointment. When I paid a yearly subscription, I thought I would not get ads. I get them still. This is a problem.

This app was great for many years. After the android update, it no longer works on Pixel phones. Update: Everything works fine after the app was updated for android 12. We are grateful!

You will receive advertisements for Jews for Jesus and other missionary organizations as well as for helping poor Muslims during Ramadan if you select the full-service option. The app works great otherwise!

It's unacceptable that I have the paid version for almost 2 years and it keeps showing premium every few weeks.

How to install HebDate Hebrew Calendar app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install HebDate Hebrew Calendar app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install HebDate Hebrew Calendar

Now, you will be able to setup and run HebDate Hebrew Calendar on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.