Indian Train Simulator for PC

Indian Train Simulator for PC

5 million downloads! Over 20 trains! 33 stations! Top graphics! Best simulation!


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Indian Train Simulator App For Windows

Although the game is great, there are a few issues that must be fixed. 1. Timing meter does not match the gameplay. It is impossible to reach your destination in the time allowed. 2. It is very annoying to see the Engine View as it shakes quite a bit. 3. The number of wagons that can be attached to a career is constant at 4. They should be varied. These issues should be addressed in order to make the game even more fun. A couple of other glitches need to be fixed: I can only see Wap-4, Wap-7, ICF blue, and box car wagons in career mode. Please include all other items. 2. Excessive speed limits of 40 km/h are not allowed. This can slow down the game. For example, the 40kmph limit on almost all routes between Bharuch & Vadodara limits it to just 40%. This must be corrected.

The graphics are amazing and the levels of play is incredible. The only thing that I find frustrating is the lack of control options for multicity or advance sections in custom mode. The control worked fine when it was first started, but after about 3-4 stations it stopped loading or opening automatically. We are unable to access the controls after that. It is impossible to do anything, so the only way to escape is to leave. This is a waste of time. Please check this matter and get it fixed

The game was very enjoyable and I enjoyed it. However, the throttle and control buttons don't work when trains turn. It needs to be fixed. Also, the blueprint card appears in white. This will fix your problem. All over engines are great, as well as coaches. It is very realistic and good. We are grateful.

When you've earned enough blueprints, assets won't be downloaded. If you start the game again, the blueprints that you had earned will also disappear. It's great! I also can't log in because of some reasons. It's essential that you sign in to your game after the blueprints feature was introduced. This will save you the trouble of having to go over it again in order to unlock some features in the event of uninstallation or switching phones.

This game is overall good, and I enjoyed it very much. The problem with the game is that the throttle and controls vanish after the train turns. This was even though I had updated it. Also, the blueprint cards are in white to fix this problem. There are only two people inside coaches, so we can't move in the train. Standing and sitting camera view, I cannot move. This needs to be fixed. Apart from that, the coaches and engines are excellent and very realistic. I enjoyed it. We are grateful.

Although it's an excellent game, there are too many bugs and glitches. All options such as Throttle Lever and Horn are being removed from the screen after loco reverse at Junctions. It's not possible to stop the trip. This is a problem I have to deal with on every trip. It's just too annoying. We hope it will be fixed soon.

Hi Highbrow Interactive. I thought that the disappearing game panel issue was fixed with the 6th anniversary updates. Unfortunately, it hasn't. I request that your team fix the bug. This game was so immersive that it allowed me to experience the life of a loco-pilot. Thanks.

The game's fifth anniversary is approaching, so I bought a new powerful phone. It makes me weep. Although the idea was brilliant, the code was terrible. It is worth noting that the original release was better than today's version. The first version did not include a career mode, as it was still under construction. The game now had story mode, but it was not as good as the gameplay and sometimes the controls were missing. It was amazing to see how a real engineer drives a train. It was really tedious to learn how to use throttle at level 42.

It takes a while to load a round trip for any of the challenge modes. After that, the buttons and throttle that control the train don't show up. After pausing and restarting the game, I only see the amount of time it takes to get there. This is a problem that I cannot resolve. Additionally, I expect other Story Modes to be available so the user can continue there.

The concept is great and the cars are very detailed. The gameplay is a bit clunky. Story mode is very frustrating. I keep getting stuck on the same level over and over again. Nothing happens once I have cleared it. It is still a challenge to play the level again. It is extremely irritating when controls disappear.

It's a great game! This is the best train game that I've ever seen. We need to be able to change tracks manually and stop at stations with red lights. This is due the train moving along that track. Please include passengers and drivers on the train. Game is great otherwise! I am grateful for this great game. Please include the features that I mentioned.

Hi Hibrows Inc. Although the game works well, there are some bugs. Some of the challenges, such as Long Distance & Old Delhi make it difficult to control the train. This happens most often in the second section of the previously mentioned missions. Hope you look into it. Thank you.

While Sir is great, I do have some ideas. You should add multiplayer mode. In this mode, a master station operator handles trains while real-life players drive the train. Although graphics are great, they can sometimes look a little too realistic in that the building structure is always the same. Please check it out. There are also no cars at the railway crossings, and roads end after a few meters. This is very unrealistic.

It looked amazing when the game launched. But now, it looks like a real railroad simulator. The main issue when playing a game is that it needs open-world facilities. However, the views are not perfect and all is available for purchase. When the game launched, I was only disappointed that there were no routes and they had not increased distances between stations for 6 years. It is a very disappointing game.

When the train is in custom mode or at other levels such as round trip, the throttle does not appear and it moves forward. I must then exit this level. The train simply stands at that station without any throttle and there are no buttons to change.

How to install Indian Train Simulator app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Indian Train Simulator app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Indian Train Simulator

Now, you will be able to setup and run Indian Train Simulator on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.