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Kronos Mobile for PC

The Workforce Mobile™ application improves labor management productivity.


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Kronos Mobile App For Windows

Even after the redesign, it is still trash. Although the data safety section states that no data is collected, the app continues to spam me with requests for location access whenever I visit the main menu. You won't have to answer yes or no. To view my schedule, you don't have to know my exact location. The privacy policies that have been linked indicate that the app collects various data types that weren't mentioned in the data safety section. This is something you should be aware of especially since it doesn't use full encryption.

It worked for five minutes, then it crashed. I wanted to view my w2 but the app refused to open after several attempts. I closed the app and attempted to open it again, but was kept receiving an error message that said "this application keeps stopping". Reinstalled, uninstalled, twice more, but now it won't let me log in to my server at work. I triple-checked the spelling, I do have the right server code. It just keeps saying that it can't connect. It's a waste of your time and absolutely worthless.

The most useless application ever. Clown shoes. It would be useless if I wasn't required to use it at work. The program crashes without warning and then deletes my data. It also requires me to login 8-10 times using my credentials. The schedule information does not get updated even after that. It deletes punches without reason, which can cause problems later when you need to use your time card. Although I do not know whether they paid anyone to create this app, I recommend getting your money back as soon as possible.

The overlay issue makes it difficult to reach the home or other buttons on my main screen. However, I am able to view demo screens, FAQs and application details. It is very hard to use Android Galaxy Note 8 with its limited functionality. Perhaps someone can read my post to help me understand this problem.

Since November, I have been working with Kohls. It has been working well for me so far. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. It's not working. I tried to update it and restart my phone. I get a unable to contact server message. It's not clear if the problem is with my employer or the app, but it's very annoying.

It's frustrating that I have to use this app at work. Can you please explain why the Android screen overlap makes it difficult for me to access the menu buttons? Every time I switch screens, I need to log in and out again. This is extremely annoying.

There should be an upgrade to certain features. It cuts out the odd days when I access my schedule on the app. It would be more helpful if the app started from Sunday through Saturday each week, rather than randomly grouping days together. The screen doesn't allow you to choose which days to display, but it does let you see the entire week without scrolling through four pages for just one week.

Use it for work never seems to connect and does not give me an option to use hotkeys. I have not used the downloaded file in over a month. Right now, it says that the server cannot be connected to. I came to this site to help troubleshoot the problem and to see if it was necessary to update or download. nope. It is just a broken application. I wouldn't recommend this app to businesses looking for an easy way to distribute schedules. You will be better served by something else.

It has moments where it needs to be working. This is why it's still my only method of viewing my work schedule. It would have been long gone if it wasn't so unreliable. It's always down. It's always claiming "server error". This app is terrible. The UI can be a bit annoying, but it's not a major problem. This app only received two stars, but it works when it does. It is great for seeing my time and schedule.

It lacks many features and is not always running properly. This app is used by many to access my work schedule from anywhere, as well as swap shifts between colleagues. It either crashes to the login screen or throws an error. The application is not easy to use, even when I log in successfully. A way to contact colleagues and to receive notifications about upcoming shifts would be very useful.

The app needs a major overhaul. The app is now completely useless after it was installed on my Pixel 4 phone. The bug that affects more devices than mine is the reason for this. It seems to be compatible with iPhone Xs. The login screen prompts the user to input credentials. Once the button "Proceed", is clicked, a box flashes that says, "You need to login again. Any work in progress was lost." The user is returned to the login screen. Fix it.

It would be great if it could send you notifications when there was a change in the schedule. For the last few weeks, I have been having trouble logging in. Even though I have perfect wifi and all the information required, it keeps telling me "unable to connect" This app is not working for many people.

This app is... terrible. I have to make sure it doesn't miss important schedules because you don't get notified for anything. This makes it very possible that I could be fired. This is not the right thing to do. It doesn't always work when you request something. This can cause major confusion. Although the app has potential, it is not being used. This app is a waste.

This is one of the worst applications known to mankind. It crashes at random and nothing has changed. It can also crash by simply switching to landscape mode. We all know how difficult it can be to switch into landscape mode. It would be a great alternative.

It's okay for accessing info and clocking in. The app has a terrible loading experience. If the Wi-Fi is weak, it can take forever to load. It loads other apps, but not this one. It takes several times to get the front page loaded up and ready to log in. It can take a while for the open/close process to complete.

How to install Kronos Mobile app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Kronos Mobile app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Kronos Mobile

Now, you will be able to setup and run Kronos Mobile on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.