Easy KML/KMZ/GPX management. Measuring. GPS logging. WMS. Offline maps.


MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE pc screenshot 1MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE pc screenshot 1MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE pc screenshot 1


Anyone who needs to make a map with photos, markers and shapes, this app is very helpful. There are some issues with the app. While I don't have anything against the developer, there are major issues with Android Q (Beta version 3) that make it difficult to use. The camera does not launch properly. I tried many camera apps and they failed all. -The sharing feature is broken. I cannot share my KMZ with anyone right now. The only solution seems to be to first save the KMZ locally and then use a file explorer for sharing the file. This second issue should be easy to fix. If the map is displayed in street mode the crosshair will work well. However, it is virtually invisible when you switch to satellite mode. This issue could be solved by changing the color of crosshair, from black to red or white to white.

It is difficult to understand and has a complicated user interface. It was all I needed to track my walks and drive as gpx or KML files that could be later analyzed. To unlock this capability, I made a donation. It wouldn't work. When I try to save it, the program keeps telling me "not enough points" but instead creates files that are likely empty. You can uninstall it

It has been my favorite app for quite a while. You can integrate it with Google Maps to see the files. It seems, however that some features are still being developed. e.g. The app can create folders within kmz but cannot move elements from existing folders. !

It was initially a great device, but after a few days of use it crashed 20 times. It crashes when you change settings. It crashes when you select a map. It also crashes when pining. It crashes at any time, as far as I know. I will rate the app 6 stars if there are any issues. The app is very user-friendly. Best of luck.

We have an 8GB internal storage android tablet. Is it possible to change the storage location? There is a setting menu that allows you to change the storage location. However, when we tried it, the SD card was not recognized by the SD card. Also, the maps folder created when the app is installed automatically creates a mapin folder. All photos are placed in this folder. They also go in the main "mapin".

App confusing. There isn't a save button for creating a waypoint or a way to save it with the right swipe. This app has a lot potential, but developers need to focus groups or to observe someone who is new to it to learn how to use it. It's not possible for me to fully understand what I am trying to accomplish.

It's a bit clunky, but it is still good enough. I can't find any way to close open maps that have points. It would also be great if there was a way to select multiple points and batch select them from a list. This is similar to what Google Maps does (they only allow some or all).

This app was great and I loved the offline map feature. It stopped working after I cleared my local data. Now all the app's extended features, including offline maps, are missing. Offline maps isn't working anymore, according to the feedback here. Shame.

This app looks great. It would be great if you could use They don't offer the same functionality as Google MyMaps, but it seems more convenient to download the offline maps. It would be awesome to have an iPhone/iOS version.

If they had looked at other Android apps, this developer apparently thought they could create a more user-friendly interface for Android than any others. It's possible they were, however, regardless of how many Android apps you use, you will find it easier to use an app more compatible with Android app practice than learning to use the app's bizarre, elegant and ultimately frustrating user interface. This app may be able to do what it is supposed to, but other apps might, or even better.

This app is amazing! It was very useful while navigating with a KMZ File. I first tried Google Earth but that didn't work when I needed to navigate the mapped route. I searched the playstore and found this app. I couldn't believe how much I saved as I had to finish the task the morning before and was left in the middle. We are grateful! !

The app is fast and very good. Sometimes it hangs and doesn't display exact location. Overall, it's a great app and the best in its segment. I would suggest adding a bearing feature that allows you to calculate distance. The second is to calculate coordinates using distance and bearing. This will add another star. Thank you

The screen resolution issues began after the latest update. It worked great until then. The menu option in the top left corner is not visible. Half of the text appears to be outside the screen. It is a bug. Thank you

Amazingly simple to use and features that are unbeatable. Because I spent so much time in the bush without mobile reception, offline GPS features were invaluable. Also, it was much more easy on a tablet to access KMZ files and get accurate location.

It is great for geoological research. Two questions. When I export a kmz from Google Earth and try to import it in MAPinr it says "no pin available". Is there anything wrong? Is there any way to modify the color of icons that you have created?

How to install MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE

Now, you will be able to setup and run MAPinr-KML/KMZ/WMS/GPX/OFFLINE on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.