Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards for PC

Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards for PC

Get PayPal cash & Amazon,Google Play,iTunes Gift Card for free!


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Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards App For Windows

Although it's a good time pass, the ads are too many. The ten-minute wait is another problem. It should be changed to 5 minutes 30 seconds. You can also fix the timing of the ads by making it play at least every 2 minutes. Make it occur every four minutes to fix the 10 minute delay. In this scenario, the app will get a 5-star review. We appreciate your time and wish you a pleasant day. <3

It works well. You have a wide range of options for gift cards, and you can choose from different amounts. One suggestion I would make is to click for some time and get an "offer to rest" ad. If it offered you the option of declining, then it could be a way to gain more clicks. A second idea was that after the 10 minute waiting period ended, the time it took to get you clicked could be set on a countdown timer.

Although it started out okay, I wasn't interested in the 150 free clicks per day and ads every 50 clicks, but now I get why. To win any worthwhile prizes, it would require about two months of playing daily. The app stopped working after I'd played for about one week. The app will shut down after waiting 10 minutes. It has been happening for several days. It is not worth the effort. I have read reviews and my own experience. You can find other legitimate apps that are similar to it.

There are way too many ads. I receive an ad after 50 clicks, which I find quite outrageous. Plus, you have to take timeouts. You can't click on the cube for more than five minutes. This is a literal payout. I will rate it a little higher, but not more than 4 stars. There are still too many ads, and there's no timeout. You could modify either the ads, timeout or both of them.

My app was updated and it did give me more clicks, but every 10 seconds there is an advertisement. I like that it took at most 15-20 seconds before ads. This issue needs to be fixed. I can see that many people will abandon this app very quickly. Because of the amount of ads you see, it is not something that anyone would consider "playing with". I swear they are changing every 10 seconds. Please help! PRETTY, PLEASE RELIEVE THIS PROBLEM

Lots of advertisements and too many clicks. It is much easier to use an app like this. The same app, just with a lot more clicking. There are more clicks for no cost. I've been working on it for 12 hours and haven’t yet broken the cube. I can't wait for the reward! Try it and find out.

It's okay, but could be even better. Sometimes the number will go back up when you click, which can cause you to lose progress. Please fix this, and I may give it five stars. Limits the number of clicks that you can make in one day. This is unfair when there are a million ads to see. Please fix it!

This is great for people who don't have much time to spare. Although I wish that you could increase the clicks between ads, it would be great to pay real currency for an expansion of the margin and complete actions. It's just too much for me to be able click fifty times per ad.

The thing is, we should have the option to refuse to view the videos. We can then click on the links until our hearts content. The 10 minute wait is also annoying. There are too many advertisements. Who can we speak to about decreasing the amount of ads? Because whenever I feel that I am making progress, an ad appears.

2. Issue 1. I understand you are trying to make money from the app, but forcing players to view ads is against the law and can cause this app to be removed permanently. You can change the message to something like: "Hey, look! Watch an ad earn double the clicks in 10 seconds!" or some other similar phrase. The player will then have to decide if or not they wish to view it. You can stop some people from rushing through, but you need to set a limit per day!

The delay of 10 minutes should be removed. Mindless tapping, which I enjoy, is an excellent way to relax and do something in bed while you wait for your eyes to become heavy. Although I do not mind ads, I prefer ads to be every 100 taps instead of 50. I also like the 10-minute breaks after every 5000 taps.

Notifications can be difficult to control. When the time has expired, I receive notifications from back to front to back. One picture is enough. You can send me many and I won't open it until I am ready. You need to fix this. This $50 gift card is worth at most $2k. That's a lot of clicks, with one add per 50. This must be fixed or it will cause me to uninstall. It's not worth it. It is too aggressive.

It is extremely slow. It only allows you to click 50 times every 10 minutes. This means that you will have to wait for a reward, even if your 3 finger rhythmic tapping tap is perfect. It's not clear if the reward is worth it.

Scam, you can't create an account. If you remove the app you will lose your progress. After playing for two days, I had less than 8,000 clicks. I had to reset my phone factory and all of my clicks disappeared when I opened up the app again. That's when it hit me that you could not create an account.

This game seems very slow. I'm not sure if it will break my first cube, considering how many taps I was given to begin the process of breaking down the cube for the prize. It keeps taking me to advertisements that distract me from the game, and eats up my data!

How to install Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards

Now, you will be able to setup and run Money Cube - PayPal Cash & Free Gift Cards on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.