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My COSMOTE App For Windows

It rarely opens. It doesn't work on 3 devices. The app worked fine last month, but it has stopped working again. Update a month later: The app is still not functioning after I updated. We must go in store like we did last month. The problem isn't my fault. Problem is with the app. The app doesn't work on any of the three devices that we own.

While my cosmote works on laptop, the same account and same email address does not work on mobile. It DOES NOT WORK. The app won't load, and Virgin media has 100mbs downloading speeds. It also works fine with a lot of other stuff. It's not surprising!

It works fine. The app is fine, but it won't allow me to recharge my credit using my credit card. My bank is not to blame, but cosmote staff claims they cannot find fault. Because I don't have credit, my phone number is blocked. Okay, this has been corrected. I can now use the app with no problems until June 2022. The app is not allowing me to log in. With no luck, I tried it on three different Android devices.

Often missing bills. It is a common problem with updating apps. It is becoming tedious. It's now six months later, and they have a new smartphone. This is still a problem. You would expect that such a big company could spend the money to develop an app.

Although the developers attempted to design a user-friendly and professional app, they were unable to communicate with users clearly and easily. There are many messages in the app like "Hm, there was an error". It is obvious that something was wrong, but how can the user fix it? ?

It seems to be able to check data usage age and top-up on the first attempt. It is difficult or impossible to modify the app language. It is possible, but it's not fair given that the majority of users are Greek.

The app is great, however it needs dark mode. It also increases the User Data by 2MB every time it is used. These can quickly add up. Tania T reports this as the likely reason she is experiencing the problem.

My credentials are not accepted. It doesn't matter how many times you enter the same username/password in web app... Android will not reboot. I'm done.

Terrible navigation. You can press the bait button and accidentally buy a package. You have, for example, a 10GB data package. You can press the buttons to purchase 4,5,6GB packages from the payment page. You won't be able to complain if you don't use these before the 10GB. This application was created to make more money, not the user. SHAMEFUL.

The app doesn't have an option to switch to English. It's not clear if there is an English option in the app. It's not possible to find the English option in an app. Please tell me how I can change the language of this app to English.

It doesn't work most of the times. The problem is that I'm based overseas so there are no other options for topping up. I was very disappointed. Already tried to access the address, but it came back Access Denied. There is no hope

Despite having the most coverage in Greece for mobile phones, their app and SMS messages that I get from the support centre are in greek. English is not an option. Pity...

Multi-user accounts would be great. It's frustrating to have to log out and then log back in as another user.

It is terrible if your business involves purchasing goods. The form for invoice accepts only Latin characters, and even though you enable OTP for your cards the payment system will not allow them to be processed. It was a very painful experience.

Application that is a waste of time! The pages are too long and the credit process is complicated. Developers need to redesign the app and take into account the needs of customers.

How to install My COSMOTE app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install My COSMOTE app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install My COSMOTE

Now, you will be able to setup and run My COSMOTE on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.