RaceQs for PC

RaceQs for PC

Record and replay your sailboat race in 3D


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RaceQs App For Windows

Although a great idea, it is not well executed. RaceQs could use an update, as others have noted. It would be great to see the sailing version of Strava evolve. Allow it to sync directly with Garmin Connect or load data. It is tedious to have to download and upload a GPS file to RaceQs. A tablet/phone can be used to view the race results after it has been completed. In playback, the user can only see boats within their own class.

Excellent app. It is easy to use, and offers enough options through the web interface. The only problem is that the wind prediction can sometimes be off. It can be adjusted at the beginning but not throughout. Perhaps with more boats, this would make it more accurate. This is really a small issue and the app is great. 5 stars.

It doesn't always work. It hasn't received an update since 2015. People with older phones may be experiencing issues. The developer has not responded to any reviews (positive or negative) I've seen. It is clear that the developer has stopped being interested in this app, which I find a shame because it would have been a wonderful one. Anybody know of an alternative solution?

This page has not been updated since 2015. This could explain the difficulty of login and lack of sync between app and website accounts, as well as inability to locate most features on their Facebook page. This was the "best and most simple sailing app "... I heard. Must have been an iOS user.

It is brilliant, simple and easy to use. I would need more, but it would be expensive and difficult to update every year. It would likely only last for four years. It is great, RaceQs.

Uploads of tracks have been known to disappear after an event is created. It happens when the race is over. This could have been set up prior to the race, I think. Overall, I love the app.

Excellent app, but tricky site. Uploading your track might not be possible. Sometimes, the course that you have built will just vanish. It's amazing when everything works. It is difficult to find support. It seems that the creator has lost interest. Thank you?

It works well when it does, but sometimes the track freezes without reason. I have emailed RaceQ, but not received a reply. You can live with the app as it is, but you would gladly pay a fee to fix any bugs.

This app worked well for me many years back. The app has been giving me an error "Validation Error" every time I attempt to log in with the user name and password that I have created from the website. Is the same login password for both websites?

It would be nice to have a preview like the rest of you... an online version of the race, without any computer or browser. This is a brief preview. Please.

It's a fantastic app, but there are many ways it can be improved. A couple of ideas: Race replay for android. It seems silly to be able to use a browser for this. Many boats broadcast wifi instrument data via signalK or nmea. It would be great to get the wind and stw data directly from the boat, rather than predicting. It may have been possible for IOS, but not yet for android. Is this application still being developed or supported? I have sent an email asking for clarification to the developer but received no reply. The last update seems to have occurred 2 years ago. If this app was supported, and development continued, I'd pay for it.

This can be used to keep track of your sail trips. Races can be used by racers to provide feedback about their sail performance. A great regatta replay to be used at the club following the race.

It seems to be working fine but does not support android playback. It would get an even higher rating if they included that feature. Add android playback.

An online and offline free app that can do more than I ever imagined. It should be able to collect wind data and other important information soon. It's easy for anyone to click on a link that I have shared via Facebook. It would be great if it could automatically upload my race when I click the link.

They will hopefully add this feature to an update. Thank you for creating a fantastic app that allows fleets to race together.

How to install RaceQs app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install RaceQs app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install RaceQs

Now, you will be able to setup and run RaceQs on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.