Relaxing Music 2019 for PC

Relaxing Music 2019 for PC

Improve your life, perfect anti-stress application for meditation and relaxation


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Relaxing Music 2019 App For Windows

It is my favorite app for relaxing music. You can choose from many different types of music. This app is used every night. However, I started to notice that the music would not play. No matter what music type I chose, it kept buffering. It is possible to remove the app and then reinstall it.

For over a year, this app has been an amazing help. The app was blaring loudly when I opened it last night. It is meant to be relaxing music. THIS IS NOT RELAXING. This app is not inspiring to me. In fact, I uninstalled it immediately and reinstalled it so that I could inform the company about this.

It was the best app I used to unwind. The variety of music available is amazing. It is so soothing in all situations. It stopped working after just a couple of minutes, and it would need to be restarted. I tried to check for updates ....nothing. It stopped functioning all together one day. It wouldn't let me uninstall it or install again. I checked for any updates and found nothing. It was time to remove the program. It was so disappointing. It is a shame. This app is missing from my phone.

EDIT:The artist/musician information is not available. I used this app to listen to relaxing music while falling asleep. Although it has an excellent selection of music, I would like to be able to add my favorite songs to create a playlist. So many songs are available, it is difficult to choose the best one. I'd like to be able to locate it again when I do find one that I enjoy. The app will play songs even if the repeat button has been disabled. This can cause me to be woken up at night by the song playing again.

The music is great and I enjoy the variety of options. The app works fine for the first couple of times that I use it, but then the app stops about 1-2 minutes into the playback. It stops again when I try to restart the app. Another song is selected. At least four times have I uninstalled the program and then reinstalled it. It is not an easy tool to use, and it demands so much of my attention. It also comes with fine print that informs you it will collect your information so it can make sand.

The app used to be great for sleep, but the update has caused it to stop working every 20 minutes and say "error file". Although it is a wonderful app, it can be annoying to have it constantly on. The constant, non-stop popup is also a problem. The pop up is always telling you that music should be played while you're already on the app. The pop-up appears when you touch any item in the app. Prior to the latest update, it had 5 stars.

This app is new to me. I enjoy listening to the music before I go to bed. You have many options. You can break it down into instruments, nationalities and guided meditations, as well as short stories. It could have a way for you to highlight songs that are particularly appealing so that you can go back to those. It's possible to make a list but it would be easier for me to check them off. This is why I removed one star. A nice and peaceful choice otherwise.

This app has been used for only 2 nights. The selection is great and I have only had a few issues stopping/ buffering. It is impossible to turn it off! This is the major problem. It has been looked at by other people and they have not found the solution. I doubt it is due to stupidity. It doesn't seem to work. I have tried closing the app from my home screen. The only thing that will turn it off is my phone. Other reviews have stated the same, but I did not receive a reply. I will not give a star rating until the issue is resolved.

This app is great for practicing massage or getting my children to sleep. They keep the ads down to a minimum, and are not distracting. There are many options and the music is soothing. Sometimes it stops completely out of place. It happens occasionally, which I don't mind. There is no perfect solution.

It's so simple. Every music track is an excellent selection. No duds. The best part about it is not trying to find the perfect phrase for asking my Google Home mini "Relaxing Music" and having it play a station that has nothing to do with anything "relaxing". Don't get me wrong ... Google products are great, and I absolutely love this app. But it makes my life so much easier. I can play the app in 3 seconds.

The Music is great and there are many types. It would be 5 stars if there was a Timer to turn off music or exit the app after a certain time. A Playlist feature would make it easier to save certain tracks under one name and then recall them later.

This app is amazing! One song is my favorite for stress reduction. An anxiety disorder is something I suffer from. When I feel like I am getting anxious, I stop and listen to the beautiful, relaxing music. This music really grounds me. It really does help to practice mindful deep breathing. We appreciate the free music and all of the options available to us, as everyone has different tastes.

This app is my favorite. It is my go-to app. You have so many options, even guided meditations. You can choose from short or long pieces and different instruments such as guitar, violin, saxaphone etc. You can also choose from different cultures, such as Ventian or Chinese. Each of these has both short and longer pieces. Highly recommended.

Randomly stops, now wake me up. This used to be a rare occurrence. Sometimes it just keeps on playing and won't stop. It can sometimes play even if the app has been closed. Otherwise, a great selection of music. I hope they make some improvements. YouTube is all I use while I'm sleeping, and I would much rather have this. It is hoped that it will be fixed. Otherwise, it will soon be uninstalled.

This app is even better than Calm. You can find everything here: music, stories, guiding, music to help you sleep, music to ease anxiety, meditation, guided mediation, mindfulness, stress guide, and everything else. You can even find music to help with yoga, reiki and massage. This is amazing, and it's my favorite thing about the site. The variety of instruments that you can hear is also something I love.

How to install Relaxing Music 2019 app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Relaxing Music 2019 app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Relaxing Music 2019

Now, you will be able to setup and run Relaxing Music 2019 on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.