The Guest - Photo Sharing for PC

The Guest - Photo Sharing for PC

Capture & Share Wedding Photos


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The Guest - Photo Sharing App For Windows

Highly Recommended! This app is great for two different occasions. Although there are some issues that could have been improved, the app's overall design and ease of use make it very easy to share photos and videos as events take place. There are some things that can be improved upon: The verification text didn't get through to all of the guests so not everyone was able use it immediately. They may have needed to prepare it ahead of time. 2. You can save your photos directly to the cloud.

The app was the perfect choice for my daughter's reception and wedding. If I had known I wouldn't have paid for a photographer, and I would have spent more on signage to encourage guests download the app. We've already accumulated over 400 photos from the app since we used it again at my 65th birthday celebration. It's awesome!! It's amazing! The app was used again by me for my sister's annual trip. It's a great way to capture memories. !

Although I love the concept of the app, there are some serious problems. 1. My phone vibrates every minute to notify me that I am sharing. If you are on vacation and have sharing turned on for several consecutive days, this can be annoying. It doesn't bother me if it shares my sharing information, but I don’t want my phone buzzing every hour for the next week. 2. It is not possible to save the images to your computer. It is necessary to first download the photos to your phone and then upload them to the cloud.

It does what it promises. I can now see all the wedding photos that were shared. Although the images don't have the same quality as the originals, it is still a wonderful way to automatically share every image from an event. Edit: One star has been removed. For some reason, some images in an issue have a November 1979 date. It is difficult to sort these images and download them.

This event only received three stars because it happened while "The Knot" was purchasing the app. This made the event more complicated for guests. But, that's a temporary issue. It won't be an ongoing problem for other users. Another reason I want it to be tied in with cloud storage services like Google and Dropbox is that you can't add photos. This would allow you to automatically transfer photos from your camera roll over to cloud storage, and your synced devices. It would be very simple thanks to their APIs. They should continue improving this idea. I would still use the app. This app would be a great choice for any other wedding.

Phenomenal! It is an incredible idea. This app replaces traditional cameras or disposable cameras and takes you to the digital age. This app was used for my wedding. Although only six of the 90 guests downloaded it, I was able to receive over 1000 photos and videos. It was crystal clear. The app allowed you to see the videos and pictures from all angles. It also provided candid photos that may have gone unnoticed. It uploads photos immediately to the app

Simply amazing! It's a great way to make photo taking fun and interactive for all attendees at events. It's a great way to share and collect photos from all aspects of the event. It is a well-designed application. It would have been impossible for me to take so many pictures from all the different locations of my event if I just took photos on my phone. I can't wait for this app to be used again at my next event.

This app is a terrible idea. This app automatically connects to all your photos and uploads them across a wide range of times. A compromising photograph was almost posted at my grandmother's birthday party. It could be life-threatening and terrifying. This app is not something I recommend to others.

It was easy to set up, and I loved that you can print jpeg flyers. The concept was great but we encountered issues with the auto-upload feature. The app's purpose was defeated when we had to upload photos manually after an event. It will be tested again for a small event. However, if it continues to have problems I won't trust the app for the large event.

This app is great for weddings and parties. This app was used for my bachelorette weekend and rehearsal dinner. It also worked well at weddings. The app worked flawlessly all three times, with the exception of a small glitch that made it impossible to see some photos because they had been uploaded at my rehearsal dinner. This is an excellent way to collect everyone's pictures without asking everyone to email them later. Everyone's pictures were uploaded live to the app, which was a huge hit with guests. This app is a must-have!

Excellent app It is very easy to use. It is only one problem: every photo that you take when using it goes directly to the app. There should be an option to turn that feature on/off. When I sent a photo of my venue address to someone, I later discovered that it was also uploaded to the app. It was great! Easy to share, and simple to use.

Although not all our guests wanted to use it, they loved it. The app was a huge success with those who did use it. The photos were instantly uploaded and made visible. Instead of waiting a week to see our first photo from the photographer, we got great photos right away. One thing worth noting was that one guest took an embarrassing burst selfie. She then went into the camera and deleted each of them individually. It should have a mass delete feature.

This app was a wonderful experience. Although I wasn't sure it would work, I was amazed at the quality of the photos that came in. They are chronological, so you can go through the wedding or filter to see specific photos. This app is a great choice. It was easy for our guests to learn how to use. Auto upload should not be the default. It freaked out some users. There are no other problems.

This app is 100% recommended. This is a bad feature, especially if you don't have a first glance with the groom and bride. It was a great feature, and I enjoyed it. We were able to capture many great photos that otherwise we might have missed.

It's great for viewing everyone else's pictures from events! The main problem is the lack of a web site. This means that it is only available on smartphones. You cannot access your photos from a computer. The files may be compressed. The combined size of 500 photos and videos, which is 3.8GB, only allows for an average 7.6MB per file. I can't be certain, but it seems to be low when there are videos. They'll get my five stars if they have access from a computer, and possibly a paid version that allows uncompressed uploads.

How to install The Guest - Photo Sharing app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install The Guest - Photo Sharing app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install The Guest - Photo Sharing

Now, you will be able to setup and run The Guest - Photo Sharing on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.