Total Commander - file manager for PC

Total Commander - file manager for PC

Android version of the desktop file manager Total Commander (


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Total Commander - file manager App For Windows

Great improvements: Font options and dark theme. 1. Please tell me how I can remove the vertical sidebar. It's not necessary and it is a waste of screen space. 2. It seems that the folder icons don't always align with the text. It's not a big deal, but this has been the case for many years. 3. You cannot open photos directly in Google Photos "edit” mode. Instead, you can view them in Google Photos "viewer", with icons at bottom for "share" and "Lens", without any edit options

This app is amazing. Google Drive and the other plugins make file transfer so easy and intuitive. Update: Total Commander continues to impress me with its thoughtful programming. It is the only app that I use almost every day because of its utility.

DESTRUCTED LEGACY ESFILE EXPLORER. It was amazing, but I couldn't believe it. You can use it to support almost every feature of ES, except storage cleanup. It also has removeable and installable plugins that allow you to delete any components you do not need. It has incredible transfer speeds, so fast that I double checked to make sure it wasn't a hoax.

Gui is very non-intuitive. I couldn't figure out how to transfer files from an internal folder to an external drive with the paragon NTFs driver. There were multiple copy/paste options available in the GUI, but none of them worked. Multiplexing file copies with Bluetooth is both dangerous and fun. Update the user interface.

This was an excellent file manager in the past. However, now it is a CENSORSHIP TOOL. A user can't use it to browse the files or install.apk file. Total Commander can block the association of.apk files to the installer at the system level and stop you "opening by default" the file. If you use any other methods to bypass its restrictions, the program cannot be used as a file management tool.

It's functionally a 5. However, the user interface is a 3. You can turn your phone upside down to get a split screen. You cannot drag and drop this feature. It is difficult to search a drive looking for the file name. It's mostly miss. This is a very congested user view. Total Commander, note that most users of your app will be fine without the overcrowded fonts and pictograms. Reduce the number of icons and graphics, use simple fonts to simplify your UI.

This app is recommended! I find TCmd to be very useful. It has been a great tool for me over the years. I have found it to be extremely robust, but not very intuitive. Better search matching could improve the help file. It appears to be limited to text searches. It was accidentally discovered by me. I did not find it when I tried to search for "move file". Users will find it useful to add images to the help. A quick link to help can be added as an '?'. A time-saving shortcut would also be to include a quick link to Help as a '?' icon at the top of your navigation.

Fantastic app to transfer files from Android to Windows via WiFi. It does more than we need. It takes a small amount of time to learn syntax/icons. To help beginners get the app started, we suggest a couple of videos. Update: I like the fact it preserves date/time integrity. A video, or some other assistance feature that clarifies icon functions would be very helpful.

Although there is some learning curve, this Android file manager can do mass extraction. How do I download a zip file that contains several hundred other zip files? This is a nightmare for any file manager. Total Commander is easy to use and leaves you with an entire folder of extract files. Thank you so much!

Fantastic, robust file manager. It was great for Windows Mobile as well as Android. Although the UI is not in line with "modern" Android guidelines it's still a good choice. The features themselves are stable and fast. They're also easy to use. The SMB plugin has been a great help. It is a great tool and highly recommendable to power users.

Excellent manager, with many useful extensions. For many years I have trusted this manager and moved entire folders to Google Drive. However, the last time I updated the settings so that there was only one bar on both screens with no top bar and I had to change the setting to make it show the bar at the bottom of each screen, the settings button is not accessible. Are there settings that aren't accessible or something I am missing? It was so frustrating that I tried to remove it and reinstall it. Thank you for being a fantastic manager.

Excellent work. Since I discovered that a file explorer had been removed due to fraud, I have tried many different options. This app is just what I was expecting. It was easy to learn and has all the features that I expected. C. Ghisler, you have truly made Android File Explorers a success! This app is a great choice for anyone who needs one in the future.

The app is fantastic, I would say. One problem with the app is that files can't be deleted, read or transferred to certain folders due to filenames. Two videos are in a different folder. The filename is a symbol resembling an n emoticon. I cannot do anything to fix it using this app. If you can do anything about this please. We are still grateful for this app.

Although it works well, there are some things that could be improved. The top bar under the file list should not be scrolled when you scroll through it. This way, you can always access 'back/up" without scrolling all the way up. You need to find a more efficient way of pasting into an empty folder. You will need to do three dots. Next, create a folder. Then, long-press on it and choose paste here. #3. It would be great to make it easier to access multiple files and not have to go back.

Excellent app! The file manager features are comparable to what you'd expect from a computer. Navigate your file system from any device. This app was specifically designed to enable mobile phone connections between my PCs and the LAN. The app and its addon "LAN plugin For Total Commander", allow for easy connections to LAN. Secure file transfers are possible using the SMB2 protocol. File transfers are possible at all speeds of WiFi. This is the first time I've had fast and easy access to LAN share. Excellent!

How to install Total Commander - file manager app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Total Commander - file manager app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Total Commander - file manager

Now, you will be able to setup and run Total Commander - file manager on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.