Ever since Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India, he has been aggressively using social media. In fact, he has come forward and also asked people to use social media platforms and connect with others. But, his recent announcement has come as a setback for many.

What’s the news?

Well, the news surfaced yesterday even, ie, March 2nd, 2020 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter handle declared that he is thinking about discontinuing his social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here is a look at the tweet of Prime Minister:

When the news flashed on social media and news channels, it came as a wave of shock and surprise for many. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has more than 50 million followers, he is the third most followed political identity on the social media, Donald Trump with 73 million and Barrack Obama with 113 million followers preceded him.

Soon after he declared his thought of unplugging from social media platforms, a shock wave swept social media. Soon the hashtag #nosir started to trend. Here is how Twitterati reacted to Prime Minister’s tweet:

  1. One of Narendra Modi’s fans said that he should take a short break from social media but should not leave social media as he has so many followers, and many people look up to him. Here is a look at the tweet:


  1. A netizen said that the only reason he is using social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram because of Narendra Modi:


  1. Many people are associating this move of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a shift to promote Indian social media platforms. An attempt to promote Make in India. Here is what the tweet said:


  1. One of the netizens said that social media platforms were the easiest way to connect with Prime Miniter, and if he unplugs his social media platform, then it would be difficult to connect with him. Here is a snap at what the twitter said:


  1. A Twitter user said that he will follow his leader’s decision and would himself give up on social media. Well, he is not the only one; there are others who said that they would leave social media platforms if Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves social media. Here is what the twitter said:


Well, some political leaders took a dig at Prime Minister’s decision and said that he should give up on bigger things like hatred rather than social media. This tweet came from Rahul Gandhi; here is a look at what he wrote :


Later this evening, ie, March 3rd, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the suspense behind his tweet and said that he would give his social media account to women who inspire us. Here is a look at what the Prime Minister said.