SocialRank is so far the only tool (at least for us) that provides users or followers data with location and interest. This data can completely change the way you boost your Twitter campaigns. You can use this tool for Instagram campaigns as well but today, we would focus on how effectively you can use SocialRank to take your Twitter campaigns to next level!

Besides Twitter followers and following list, SocialRank also shows the Klout score if any user has a profile for the same. That’s an additional benefit that you get. With this, you can easily analyze the activity of a user on Twitter.

What Options to Use in SocialRank?

There are a variety of options that are available in the followers list when you launch SocialRank on your device. Try to use the following options to generate the best result.

  • Sort by Most Valuable, Most Followed, Most Engaged etc.
  • Filter by Bio Keyword
  • Filter by Location
  • Filter by Interests
  • Filter by Activity
  • Filter by Verification
  • Filter by Organization

Of course, you cannot use all the filters at once and you cannot ignore all of them at once. You need to find the best filter option which can give you the desired Twitter profiles that you’re looking for. So use the above filters wisely.

How to Create a Successful Twitter Promotion Campaign Using SocialRank?

To make you understand, we will show you a small example of creating a successful campaign for your Twitter business. So here you go!

Say, for example, you want to sell t-shirts for the upcoming American Football match by running a campaign on Twitter. Of course, Twitter isn’t known for its conversion rate when it comes to online shopping but we’ve seen a lot of people do good. So why not give it a try?!

When you try to sell tees for an American Football match, you need to be very precise of the followers of respective teams. If a match is between New York Giants and Chicago Bears, you need to target both the teams’ followers on Twitter. Here’s the plan which we usually follow while using SocialRank.

#1. Pick the official Twitter handle of both the teams. Take each Twitter profile one after the other.

#2. Now use Filter by Bio Keyword if you want to filter the profiles that are crazy for NFL. Just type NFL or Football in the Bio Keyword filter and move to the next step.

#3. Location! That’s the most important one. You cannot expect a spectator from California to reach Florida overnight to watch a match, isn’t it? So if the match is being played in Florida, you would want to select the location as Florida and drag the miles option to at least 50 miles so that surrounding areas are covered.

#4. Now select the Filter by Interest and search for various interests that are related to NFL or American Football. You are sure to filter a lot of profiles that aren’t interested in this thing.

Once done, save the list generated after applying the filters. You are now all set to use those Twitter profiles to sell the t-shirts that might be attending the upcoming match.

Pro Tip: Select the option Sort by Most Engaged if you feel the list you exported is too large. This would filter out the profiles that aren’t active. Hence, you will only target the users that are active and are most engaging. It will increase your chances of getting more sales (conversion rate to be precise). Start promoting your campaign well before the match, at least 10 days prior as shipping takes 4-5 days of time. Use one or two trending hashtags in USA or Florida so that it can increase your Tweet reach.

Of course, this might not work in all the cases as every niche has different strategies. Moreover, the above given example is just an illustration of what can be done if you want to sell t-shirts for an American Football match. You can give it a try though, we’re confident that you will get good results. Besides this, you can also keep an eye on your competitors by using Daily 140 tool so that you don’t miss their strategies as well.

Final Verdict!

If you ask us to pick one tool for Twitter marketing, it would be SocialRank without any second thoughts. The features in the tool are more than enough to get the profiles that you’re looking for. So what keeps you waiting? Try SocialRank today and make your Twitter Campaigns successful within no time! Stay tuned to TwitScoop blog for more such daily dose of digital marketing tips and guides!