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Google Lens for PC

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Google Lens App For Windows

It's a great idea! It was definitely not the best when I tried it a few years back. Many of the items I searched for were not available in the database. Two years later, and the difference is amazing! There are many results for almost everything (vintage items, value and prices) that I search. It rarely (less than 5% of the times) comes up empty. There is a problem with the app that it searches for parts of the image and ends up way off base.

It's a great way to find unusual items online that you don't know the names of or can't remember. Simply place the item on its own with no background, and then capture it using your lens just as you would a photo taken with your smartphone. Wait a while and it will search. It's a lot of fun! This is addictive. It helps me to find like items in catalogs and in real life. It's also great for price comparison.

Although it doesn't always find information on all items I try to use it for it does not fail to do so about 80% of times. It's much easier to take a picture of something than type it into the search engine. Particularly when carrying things. Walking in groups.

This is a brilliant idea. Don't get me wrong. There is one thing that I don't like and I miss. It would be great if the app had a way to cover text manually and then translate it. It could be covered with something like.. This is a terrible explanation. It won't always cover all the text next to an image, and sometimes it covers just a fraction of it. This is the translation function.

70% helpful. To accurately match, it is important to have good lighting. It might improve accuracy to add in photo effects/filters like brightness/contrast/sharpness. If the automated application accuracy of filters/effects is low, it will give users an option to modify attributes in a manner similar to Google photo. It could be cool/helpful/interesting/informative to change search results on the fly while user adjust attributes.

When I can't comprehend a sentence, I learn a lot about languages. I use these to translate the screen. Photos are always open. Annoying. It pops up an interface asking for feedback when it has translated. It is extremely annoying. It's used to quickly translate words on the screen. After each translation, I do not want a annoying popup!

It has found everything I need to know, from the images I have on my phone to whatever I point it at. It can identify wildlife, businesses, theatre shows, cars, antiques and plants. There are many possibilities! !

Because I haven't yet seen any ads or similar content on this app, I gave it a rating 3 but it is fine if it has. Overall, I rate it a 5. It does precisely what it says. This is the truth and best way to get the camera lens you desire. It is working fine on my Nord 1N 100 Android phone.

This tool allows you to snap a picture and then search the internet looking for the item. Although it won't match an item, it can find something similar. To identify bugs and plants, you can also scan them. You can also compare prices online. This can be used in many ways. Although it isn't always correct, you can still see the closeness and almost all of it gets it right. It wouldn't work if it was certain that I knew something.

The app is more useful than half the time. It is very useful for me as a seller/collector. Sometimes it can pull up completely different items. It would be wonderful if it could let us know that this is not the case and that we should try other stuff.

This app is amazing. It is sometimes a bit out of the ordinary, but it's always right on. Sometimes it would be nice if the site could link up with an online shopping platform. It's been fun to discover new things accidentally, however, either through an accidental misidentification or link to an article that I couldn't resist or to a writer or creative artist with an affiliation to the search terms I searched.

This app is great for most of the time. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying when the app shows me information that is not related to my search query. Isn't everything on your phone annoying at times? It offers different search options, including text, Google and just the image. The focus box is a must-have because it allows me to search for specific parts of an image.

This is a great tool that I use whenever I need to locate clothing or furniture. The original idea was to take screenshots and then search through Google for items. Although you can often find cheaper prices and better deals on the products, it is possible to be swindled by scammers or other places. This feature is still my favorite!

It's great at finding things, I think. It scans text. It is priceless. However, unlike all reverse image apps or Google searches that have been hampered by privacy laws or other copyright person searches. It used to be so simple to identify a catfisher. This is good news for scammers. This is bad news for those who have an "eye" to scammers, but can provide proof of their identity and help save hundreds from being scammed. Shame.

It is amazing in concept, and sometimes execution. Perhaps I'm not very knowledgeable, but when there are two to three dots, and it is still trying to identify another item, tapping the screen will select the random dot. The rest of the dots disappear, or move when I want to see a specific object better. Simply put, it's not like I feel in complete control. It's a great app when it works as I expect, but it needs serious UI improvement. Google should do more.

How to install Google Lens app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Google Lens app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Google Lens

Now, you will be able to setup and run Google Lens on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.