ibis Paint X for PC

ibis Paint X for PC

Share the joy of painting with ibis Paint X! Drawing anime and manga art.


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ibis Paint X App For Windows

It is amazing. It is amazing! I've drawn many different things using it. However, there are a couple of issues. When I use the blur tool to draw, the canvas becomes completely smudged. I also have trouble controlling the intensity and texture I want. The selection tool can be difficult to use and lacks some aspects. This app is great for beginners and I highly recommend it.

Overall, the app is amazing. It has very few ads and allows you to use every brush for up to 18 hours. This app is a must-have for beginner artists. It has been causing problems for me, stopping my line when I draw. The line will be cancelled before my finger touches the screen. This happens frequently and randomly, which slows down productivity. This app gets a 5/5 if the glitch does not occur.

This app is a great art app, but there are some problems. I give it 3 stars. Since the latest updates I have been having more frequent crashes. At times, 2 of my artworks got deleted due to crashes. One that I had to complete took over 15 hours. The lagging in the program is very bad. My lines are constantly being deleted from my drawings. These issues are getting irritating. It's an excellent art app, other than that. We are grateful.

Although I do not have any problems with the app in general, it freezes if it accidentally uses a filter. It then crashes and stops, causing me to lose all of my work. This should be fixed as quickly as possible. It has been repeated many times.

Since a long time, I have been using ibis Paint X. It's an excellent drawing program! Recently, however, I have been experiencing some issues when drawing. For example, when trying to draw something the screen suddenly turns black. It's impossible to reverse it so I must erase all of the screen and start again. This could be my problem, as I've never seen someone else deal with this problem.

This app is amazing. I rarely rate apps. Although it is difficult to use for a while, it was easy to master. It took me approximately a week to figure it out. This is a great tool for creating digital art! You can use it for digital art! A few small issues are present, such as the undo/redo button. Some of my progress doesn't get saved if I click Undo several times and then redo the action. This is a great program that I would definitely recommend!

It's a solid and fun drawing program. Although it isn't as flexible and powerful as Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint or Illustrator, this app can be used to draw on-the-go on any device. You can download it for free or you could pay $10 to get the paid version. It's worth the extra $10.

It is a great app that I use every day. Although I do have some issues, it is overall easy to use and enjoyable. The colors are great, as well as the customization tools. A Pallette Savings feature would be great. I have many colors that are extremely specific and it is sometimes difficult to know which one goes where. Thank you for reading!

The app is not perfect, but it does have minor problems that don't bother me too much. The app is very easy to use. You get 18 hours worth of brushes by watching a 30 second advertisement. The app has some ads, but these are not easily overlooked. Premium is quite affordable. The app has really improved my artistic skills. I am more likely to practice.

It's great! You can use a lot of high-quality brushes and tools, all free. To use certain brushes you will need to view an advertisement. The brushes can be used for up to 18 hours after that. I was forced to quit the app because of the inability to function properly, but the company has since fixed the problem! This app has become my favorite drawing app.

It frustrates me that the instructions are written in a foreign language and have English subtitles, but I cannot follow them. The pen changes from one color to another and it's hard to get it back. There is no help button that you can click if stuck. There are many great features I do not know how to use. Although it has many ads, they claim that this is what makes it completely free.

This app is great overall. After watching a video, you will be able to use a variety of brushes and tools. It will close randomly after prolonged use, which is about half an hour. Also it can drain your battery very quickly. My battery was only half full after less than two hours. It's still a great app to create art. Just make sure you have a charging cable if you intend on keeping it charged for a while.

This app is very simple and great! It does have a glitch that allows you to zoom in/out, delete, undo and so on. It will erase a small amount of what you have drawn. Chrome OS Version103.0.5060.64 is used (64-bit). This could be due to the HP braswell Chromebook model. This app is great and fun. I've been using it for years for editing and creating art.

If you're looking to create art and use it freely, this app is a great choice! It's great quality and there are no ads. I rate it five. It is not difficult to use (unless you are looking to get some brushes free for the day). Ibis PaintX gets a 5 star rating because it doesn't have bugs or lags and can be used on any device.

It's an amazing app! However, I have had issues with the ads lately. It's impossible to close ads that I see to purchase brushes. I have to use my home key to leave. The app does not recognize that I've watched an ad. It will ask me to view another or keep the brushes open for 30 seconds before asking me to continue. This issue is annoying and I would love to rate the app five stars. This issue needs to be fixed quickly. It's an amazing app, other than that! <3

How to install ibis Paint X app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install ibis Paint X app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install ibis Paint X

Now, you will be able to setup and run ibis Paint X on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.