Legion Workforce Engagement for PC

Legion Workforce Engagement for PC

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Legion Workforce Engagement App For Windows

It doesn't seem to work. If you are working solo, touch on the shift. Others employees won't be listed. It used to show the name of your coworkers and their shift start and end times. The app does not allow you to give feedback. There is no way to transmit feedback

It's cool. The app is similar to Macy's, but it's different. It was done by Macy's on their website. Here's the mobile version. It could be more feature-rich, with additional options and stuff to view. It is very difficult to pick your hours here. It will be thrown off by even the smallest movement! You don't have to alter your work hours. This is what you need to do! !

Logged in one time while creating an account. Since then, I have not been able login. After entering my initials and employee ID, the screen will cycle backwards until it displays my first login screen. I tried clearing the cache and data. Finally, uninstalled and reinstalled, but to no avail. I was hoping this would allow me to view my work schedule. The site crashes a lot. If I receive a reply and the problem is fixed, I will change my review.

It works when the app is working, but it's not possible to get in touch with developers. The email address is no longer valid. Below is my issue. I tried to use the app this week to track my hours but was unable to do so due to an error in the code. I was logged out of the app and it won't allow me to log in again without updating the app. It is completely updated. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't solve it. Restarting my phone also didn't help. It is the only way I can check my calendar.

I have been completely blocked by the new update. It prompts me to upgrade when I log in. It has been uninstalled four times and then reinstalled the fourth time. To see if it was my problem, I tried to download it to my husband's mobile phone. This didn't help either. This bug should be addressed quickly. The previous version was great. It allowed me to track my time and view any modifications made by the boss in real-time.

This app would work from anywhere, just as it does in stores. The app doesn't allow you to create or modify schedules. It was terrible to receive training when you log in. It was very disappointing for store managers! It was advertised that this would be much more than it turned out to actually be.

Disappointed. This is great for knowing the basics of what your day looks like, but it's not capable or capable of doing anything more. It is very, very simple. The app should allow managers to view the calendar and approve punches. This would make the app truly valuable. It's as simple as having a photo of your schedule on your smartphone. You would find it much easier to see your entire schedule in one glance than if you had to go through each day individually.

It works when the app is working. I haven't received any notification in a while so I don't know when others are asking for shift swaps. While some features work well, such as the calendar sync and shift preferences, others are not so great. I am happy that I can see my home schedule in a glance, even though it is not perfect.

However, it works. I'll stop receiving notifications randomly and need to redownload. I have no idea of what's happening more. Please add activity logs of all changes so that we can rely less on unreliable notifications.

Although not terrible, they are not very good. Apps are limited to checking and swapping shifts, assigning shifts or assigning them on a schedule. When clicked on the profile button, it does not do anything. It has the option to sync shifts to Callander, but that option isn't available. Manager functionality is very limited. It would be better to save the page on your home screen.

Although it's an excellent app, I have found a couple of bugs. Loading the Work and Location preferences was difficult. The preferred shift length range in the location preferences, which displays 0-1000 hours, is too wide. This is absurd as you can only work 24 hours per day.

7/24 Thanks for your response and the solution! The app is now available and I am able to use it. It's nice to be able see the work of each person, but it doesn't tell me when. The new schedule is already posted in the shop. I cannot get to the "let's customize your account" screen. It shows my work address, but there is no other way. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Infuriating. After logging in, it said let's customize your profile. I filled in all the details. Click the arrow and you'll be taken to the second page. It is nothing but a spinning circle. It is one of the most frustrating apps that I have ever seen. The app won't let me see my work schedule. :(

Although the app is very accurate and runs smoothly, there are a lot of missing features. The "Manager View" feature is laughable. It's almost identical to employee view. You can't edit or approve timesheets ...). It should be possible to view the whole week's schedule. It should not be limited to the day I work. I need to be able to view who is working tomorrow in the app ...... This essential element is lacking ....

Worst app ever!! It doesn't have preferences so it's impossible to pick up shifts at other shops. Notifications don't work, and sometimes it even freezes so you cannot log in. It has been uninstalled multiple times and I have not had the app for over a month.

How to install Legion Workforce Engagement app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Legion Workforce Engagement app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Legion Workforce Engagement

Now, you will be able to setup and run Legion Workforce Engagement on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.