PixPlus for PC

PixPlus for PC

Easy to view real-time video, video the clouds


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If you're interested in using PixPlus on your PC or Mac, you may be wondering how to download the app and get started. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that can guide you through the process similar to this article.

PixPlus App For Windows

Update 2021/01/30 - Yes, even though the settings/flash firmware are changed, the timezone of the phone's camera clock is different from that on its smartphone. Cloud Services screen allows you to see the upgrade options, but cannot select any and then upgrade. The window displays "Can't Buy" and provides an explanation in broken English. Really? What? This has been going on for several months. There is no clock fix. You can't update. Are they abandoning it to make more money? It was better than Reolink, but it is getting worse. It records SD to SD, so that I know my videos are safe and secure. I'm downgrading from 3 stars. It's better than the Reolink App!

It works most of the times. This app would be great if they didn't try to sell you cloud storage. After the cloud viewing period expires, it won't let you access videos stored on the SD card. You keep getting prompted to buy video cloud storage. This will cost you more than the ring fees! Look for an alternative app that doesn't try to con you into purchasing something

It can be used to monitor children and pets or just check in on your house when you are away. Although the connection was not straightforward right away, it is easy to get up and running once you have started. The device is very reliable in staying connected to the internet at all times. If it ever disconnects, it can be easily reset to make it work again. It will restart fine if you unplug it. It's definitely something I would recommend.

Although the camera works well, it constantly disconnects from my internet. It has been in my possession for just over six months and it keeps disconnecting from my network. I have to do the setup more than 12 times. The cost of cloud storage is too expensive compared with other brands or their native applications. Perhaps the firmware needs to be updated and it is worth considering lowering your costs.

Not perfect but a decent app.. It's nice that the cloud is free for a month. Both my cameras have SD cards. Playback via the SD card is not possible. Instead of it automatically recording motion, the SD must be manually recorded. This is available only through the cloud service.

The app makes it appear that you can record free 3 day cloud recordings with your camera. However, it is limited and costs almost as much to store your footage in the cloud as the camera. It is difficult to view footage from the camera without cloud storage. Avoid the headache and choose a more reliable company.

It has been very helpful to me. The camera did not recognize my memory card. Support was quick to resolve the issue. It works perfectly for me. This camera is a great choice for those who need simple security cameras. It's been one month now and there haven't been any problems. The cloud storage was not an option for me, but I can still access the information from my memory card. The camera is mounted on the sill of my window. It spins around to see if anything's happening and then looks out through the window. It's so cute.

These cams are great (I have two). They are excellent in terms of sound quality, microphones, range-of motion, and image resolution. There has been an occasional internet drop, which is the only problem I have had. I'm not sure if this is a Comcast / Xfinity problem. It would still be great if they could reconnect with my assistance.

Update. Update. Cloud services are not required if they do not apply to my needs. You can monitor my pets and property when necessary. One of the drawbacks is that the camera may need to be reset if it has been inactive. These issues need to be fixed. It is an excellent app.

Cameras can heat up quickly and cause them to disconnect from the network. They must be kept well ventilated to keep connected. The app doesn't allow you to turn off recording, or to determine which events trigger recording. It seems that it records on events you can't set. However there are notifications for these events but they don’t seem to be triggering recording. It is very suspect that the Chinese upload the video to YouTube.

It is much better. The app worked poorly when I first bought the camera. I had to uninstall the app for it not to work. After waiting about six months, I then installed it again. It is now much more reliable. However, I would still like to be able to get time stamps during recording. It's difficult to find activity in the app without an alert.

It is a nice camera. It records good quality videos, however it won't record any. You can record with an external SD card, but it still does not work. My car was broken into, and I was thankful that the camera had the ability to capture who did it but not record anything. It is only useful if you want to see the live action, but sometimes it's impossible because of camera crashes. Camera will not work at temperatures above +10°C. Winter: The camera will not work in winter.

It's not bad, but I wish it had a faster foreward to review the video Update 8 June 2022. The app and the product are very bad. The app will not recognize the card's sd on a consistent basis. It has failed to recognize other cards. It's time to throw out the old cards and get a new app and camera. It is not worthwhile.

There are some odd anomalies that pop up from time to time. For instance, if you see the multi-camera screen, but you don't have four, you can go to page 2, then swipe back to page 1. The screen will display a blurred screen at the top right. Sometimes, the app will need to reset network settings. The cameras and app work well for the price.

Underwhelmed. It is not uncommon for the camera to go offline. Up until the camera is viewed via an app, there is no sign that it's not working. It is not a reliable method of security. My SD card is large and can be set to continue record. It stops recording after several hours, which isn't helpful. I don't know if there is a problem. The camera is located in an area with excellent internet signal. There are no clues as to what is causing the problem. It is most likely the camera, but I can't confirm. Both are not recommended.

How to install PixPlus app for Windows 10 / 11

Installing the PixPlus app on your Windows 10 or 11 computer requires the use of an Android emulator software. Follow the steps below to download and install the PixPlus app for your desktop:

Step 1: Download and install an Android emulator software to your laptop

To begin, you will need to download an Android emulator software on your Windows 10 or 11 laptop. Some popular options for Android emulator software include BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and MEmu. You can download any of the Android emulator software from their official websites.

Step 2: Run the emulator software and open Google Play Store to install PixPlus

Once you have installed the Android emulator software, run the software and navigate to the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is a platform that hosts millions of Android apps, including the PixPlus app. You will need to sign in with your Google account to access the Google Play Store.

After signing in, search for the PixPlus app in the Google Play Store. Click on the PixPlus app icon, then click on the install button to begin the download and installation process. Wait for the download to complete before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Setup and run PixPlus on your computer via the emulator

Once the PixPlus app has finished downloading and installing, you can access it from the Android emulator software's home screen. Click on the PixPlus app icon to launch the app, and follow the setup instructions to connect to your PixPlus cameras and view live video feeds.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can visit the software's official website. Most Android emulator software websites have troubleshooting guides and FAQs to help you resolve any issues that you may come across.