Radio Garden for PC

Radio Garden for PC

Listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.


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Radio Garden App For Windows

It's amazing! This app is amazing! It has been a long night of searching for radio stations. The app makes it so much simpler. You can access the entire radio station world by simply moving your selector over stations dots. This will bring these stations to you loud and clear. Although I haven't yet explored all of the features, I am growing to love this app.

The app is great so far. It's even more user-friendly than the web version. You don't have to be bothered by the ads, and you can choose from a wide range of options. Other than some minor buffering issues that I think were due to my slow data, there have been no major problems. Even though I submitted one of my favourite local stations, it was already added two days after my original submission. Radio Garden is a great choice.

Although it can take a while to load android with Android, once it does it loads very quickly. You can also choose from a list of favorite stations to download. Because of the color, it is difficult to find the full stations links for certain cities around the world. It is easy to spot the text. You can only search for certain countries or states in your city. Example,Louisiana.

Excellent concept, great design! I listen daily. Radio is all I have. Listening to local radio stations, or listening to the latest from Lagos, or any other small town in Tibet is all I need. Two Ukranian radio stations have great music. It's fun to move the circles over random dots and connect them if I want. It works flawlessly and has never had any problems. It's a great app that is so fun and stays open even when your phone is closed. This is a key feature in any music app.

This app is amazing! Although there are some stations that have been lost and it is difficult to navigate, the app is very cool. I also like the possibility of discovering other radio stations or foreign cultures. To echo another user's suggestion, the back button should be used to return and not exit the app. It would also be great to have a random button. The positive aspects far outweigh any negatives.

This app is a delight to me. This app made it easy to find and listen to many stations. It is possible to improve the search engine so more stations of different genres can be found and heard. Talk radio is my preference. I also like stations that broadcast "movies" or books aloud. However, I listen to music less than 20% of the times. There are improvements that can be made to the categorization of favs. I would like to be capable of creating different folders with stations, and an index listing specific showtimes.

Fascinating *and* useful. This was something I discovered in my browser several years ago while "tracking Santa" Christmas Eve. It was cool to be able to rotate the globe to locate stations graphically. I also found it useful to search foreign radio stations and foreign language broadcasts. It doesn't have everything, but I think it is a fantastic tool and toy. It's a great app. It was something I didn't expect.

For readers: This is a great resource for any person who wants to learn more about the world. It's possible to travel the globe and hear different types of channels. You can listen to one channel in a particular city. But, you also have the option to open the list and view other channels. You can also access a "discovery" page to see a list of other channels. Devs, thank you so much for the app. I discovered it via a Reddit language group and it's a great find. However, I'd like to request random channel buttons.

It is by far my favourite app. Listening to strange radio stations all over the world is a lot of fun. Some talk programs are downright disturbing. You'd be surprised at how many English-speaking programs are available, even in places you might not expect. It would be nice to have a guide, but it may not exist or is impossible because of the changing landscape. It was a lot of fun, and it is a real time-saver. Thanks.

It does exactly what the name says. It does exactly what it says. There are fake reviews that claim the app doesn't do anything or can play recorded files in a loop. The interface is intuitive and simple. Just roll the globe and find the station you want. You can then select the station from the bottom left. It has been an excellent app. However, please make it available to Nvidia Shield TV subscribers.

Incredible app Amazing stations all around the globe. Stations that are out of my reach can be found here. It is much more easy to locate them on this app than online. It is simple and enjoyable to use. It is amazing that my phone can still play the music even after it goes to sleep. To discover more stations, it's very cool to click on the dots. It's easy to locate and navigate your favorites. This developer deserves your support!

The website was not available in Chrome before I downloaded it. This was solved by switching browsers. The app was then downloaded and I found it almost impossible to use. The app doesn't allow you to move the globe. This is the best thing about this website. There are some green dots but I can't click on them. It seems to crash when I try. It won't let me scroll down or search. This can be fixed and I'll gladly try it again!

This app is perfect for me as someone who listens to radio far from home. Listening to both the top and bottom ends of the planet and stations that are very remote like Greenland and Siberia is a joy. It's so easy to find the area you want by simply moving your globe. I LOVE THIS APP. It's been slow since I switched to the Samsung S20 Ultra, a small phone that can be used as a book. But it will get better. THANK YOU, DEVS. Keep up the hard work!

Although I want this app to work well, the interface feels clunky and it should be possible to link directly to an actual radio station's website. The list of stations doesn't seem to be updated. Some stations are closed, but can still be selected by the app. There is also a lot more stations that I don't know about. The app loses connection constantly to radio stations, regardless of whether it is on 4GL or wifi. The app does not disconnect from other streaming apps.

My Android 8.1.0 smartphone can't open the app. It was uninstalled, but I reinstalled the app with no success. It's really an awesome app. It's back up and running. Great. What about the radio ads from my area that play on every radio station? This undermines all the purpose.

How to install Radio Garden app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Radio Garden app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Radio Garden

Now, you will be able to setup and run Radio Garden on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.