Rocket Music Player for PC

Rocket Music Player for PC

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Rocket Music Player App For Windows

Rocket Music Player has been my favorite music player for many years. The yearly subscription to the cloud sync has been a cost-effective option for me. The app has stopped working for 6 months and it crashes every time. The developer couldn't help me. I have since cancelled my subscription and switched to another music player. It was an enjoyable run. Check out the full review. It doesn't work with the cloud service. It crashes. Check out other user reviews to find the best way to fix this app.

It has been happily used for many years. It has been a joy to use for many years. Recently it began to collapse before you could press any buttons. Then, after a brief pause, it finally settles enough that you can select and then play. It will likely be discovered collapsed on its own after playing for a while. It is annoying, but it's not an issue. Yet. Could you please do more? We are grateful.

I have used the app happily for many years. However, it "collapses" recently as others have pointed out. It usually takes many attempts to open the app so you can choose music. It's annoying but it isn't a problem. The lock screen function is also broken. It is also constantly looking for new music, which is distracting, but it doesn't seem to impact performance. These issues, including the lockscreen and collapsing issues, should be fixed.

Edit: This is being dropped from 3 stars to 1 stars. The songs won't load. The app does not show album art for some songs, but it will display album art from other songs in the same album. The app completely disregards the album art for new songs. The program constantly looks for new songs, but it can't locate the ones that I have added recently. A full-page ad blocks me from being able to skip, or pause, the song I have selected. This is a joke. This app was my favorite for so many years, but now it's a joke. They suggested: You can pay for an ad.

This music player app is one of my favorites. You will love the beautiful themes and easy-to use interface. In 2020 I bought an ad-free edition. However, the ads banners suddenly return in version 6.1.1. The issue was resolved within a matter of hours after I complained to the support team. Their customer service is outstanding!

This app has been great on multiple phones for many years. Since the update, it has been crashing and the ads are making it crash more often. Finally, I had to uninstall and reinstall. It won't load songs and playlists. I don't know what happened. This is happening to another app in the group. This is a new trend.

It was great. It has been my favorite music player ever since I bought the ad-free version many years ago. Some things have changed recently. The app keeps asking me for a rating. Since then, the app has been reducing its own size constantly. This makes it difficult to use, especially while driving. This needs to be fixed.

EDIT: Sorry, I was too quick. It crashes a lot in the latest version. I believe that the developers need to go back and fix the 5.9 code base, until they can understand the problem with 6.0. The latest version appears to have solved the problem of constant crashes, making it much more usable.

For years, this was my favorite music player. This music player has been my favorite for years and I continue to use it across multiple devices. It has been crashing every time I try to open the device over and over again in recent weeks. Sometimes it takes several attempts before the device opens. It's not my device. I have it for more than 2 years. This started to happen recently. Even though it's not something I want, I have been considering changing to a different music player. It works great and is customizable.

Even after the latest update, I still find it annoying and distracting to be constantly rescanning my library for new music. Other than that, not one or two stars. Fair enough, though. I don't look for them anymore and I use it less than I did before.

The developer has replied to many reviews, but there are no new updates to fix the problems. My old S8plus may be the problem, so I purchased a new phone. Same issues, new phone. The app force screen closes and keeps asking me to log in to back up my playlist. It is completely off-limits to backing up. It takes some time to successfully open the app without it disappearing. I won't email the developer. All the information you need can be found here

Using version 6.1.1. It starts looking for songs when I launch the app. The developers were unable to fix this issue with the two latest updates. Although they respond to our reviews and ask us to email them, I am not certain if this is what they mean. Conduct a code review. New versions of the app have an "splash screen" when they are opened. Why is this happening? Jump to the appropriate tab. Yes. I'm a fickle user.

Horrible since last update. It used to be the best app to listen to music. But it has changed. Since their last update, this app has been unstable. It will crash 9/10 of the times you have it. It will explode again at random points if you manage to open it.

RMP APP UPDATE (6/17/22): RMP app + Ad unlocker + ISyncr. Every 2022 RMP Update didn't solve issues and added problems. They didn't fix the scanning problem as claimed. The app scans continuously for new music even though auto-rescan was turned off. App opened twice and said that all 43 of my playlists had been deleted. This forced me to manually scan 8500+ songs, which was time-consuming. Songs ratings do not appear to be working now. Never have I spent so much time fixing an app.

After Google removed Play Music, I switched to Rocket Player. Half a dozen apps had failed to work. Rocket Player is reliable, intuitive and easy to use. Rocket Player is reliable and intuitive.

How to install Rocket Music Player app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Rocket Music Player app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Rocket Music Player

Now, you will be able to setup and run Rocket Music Player on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.