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TradingView App For Windows

Correction: Updated. We are grateful... Thank you... This is a dumb design. My favorite times frames were used to be at the top, so that I could easily access them by clicking one button. To change the time frame, I now have to click on it at the bottom. Why? My iPhone allows me to scroll down to change between my favorite TF. This makes perfect sense. It is terrible. Premium will not be renewed this year. Awful design

I love the new Mutilayout. It doesn't work properly. While the first screen displays the most recent changes to your chart, the second and third screens will display the previous charts. You have already cleared your cookies and cache but the problem persists. I hope this gets fixed. To show multiple time frames for the same asset, I use the Mutilayout.

After the recent update, fonts are too large. The Watchlist is much more manageable and the charts work well once Switch to New Toolbars has been disabled in the chart settings. It can be hard to select an indicator, or any other space. I have learned how to disable Switch to New Toolbars under the chart settings to ensure that they do not move.

The latest update took up more screen space. I will change the font size to small and remove the toolbar from the watchlist. This is a complete waste of space. Review from 3/2022. The new UI is horrible. You can do more with one click than you could with several. Terrible decision making. You can change it in the settings, as others have pointed out.

Glitches. You can often lose your whole setup. This can be very frustrating especially if everything is perfect. It is important to take good notes about all chart settings in order to set it up again after each crash. It has happened to me many times.

This is a stunning platform. Despite all the updates, it is still an incredible app. The app should be able to change the trend lines points with no dot over the candles. Also, the dots can now be moved without the need for a magnet. I think the tap-hold feature to bring up the dashed crosses is fantastic for this exact ability. Update: The new app looks terrible. It's difficult to draw. It's terrible...

Thank you for allowing us to select between the new sleek look and the option to enable the toolbars back in our settings. It was getting difficult to think of the additional gestures that would need to be used to access certain resources. But, I saw in the updated description how it could be restored. Too many developers believe that changes are going to be loved by all users and that there's no other way than to use the app the way it is now.

This mobile app used to be my favorite. It's a problem for me as a paying customer. To do the same things as before, it takes many more clicks (ie, indicators, charts layouts, etc.). This new design is extremely frustrating. It's a mystery to me why people don't leave things that work. Edit: I read similar comments below and disabled the toolbar to allow me to revert. It was a rollercoaster ride!

It was much more difficult to use the latest date range UI change. One of the best features in a charting application is being able to quickly switch between date ranges, and know which one I am on. The charting interval (hours, minutes, etc.) replaces the active range. I don't often need it. It's easy to overlook the icon that allows you to view the date range, but it is quite obscure and hard to find. It's hidden in the More menu, and doesn’t appear at all when you are viewing it vertically.

Terrible! It's much harder now to locate anything vital than it was before the update. Please update! It would be great to prioritize the things that we most use, such as indicators, Times Frames and Charts. Or give us more control over how our experience is customized. Everyone will come up with their own strategies, but that doesn't mean anyone would be unhappy if they can customize their experience. This makes it much easier to maximize income.

This new chart was interesting to me. It is slower than I expected. Steps were added for every feature I use such as using the drawing tool, hiding or unhiding drawings and changing templates. This is only a list of the features I found. Tech companies should stop making app layouts like they do and focus instead on their functionality, such as how fast you can receive notifications. PS. This is not the desktop version.

App was working fine for me on my Galaxy S10 until a random update. I now don't receive notifications from my app tray. Only if I look directly at my smartphone, I get notifications. It doesn't make any sound which is a defeat of the point of getting an alert. It's not clear what is causing the problem. I received alerts 2 months back in January 2022. From January 2022, I was receiving alerts without any problems.

EDIT:I have found out that you can toggle the chart settings back to the original layout. It should be easy for those with less technical skills. Original:Please pay attention to your users, and return to the original chart layout. It is terrible to have to choose something from multiple layers when it used to be at the top of your chart.

It isn't as simple as some people make it out to be. It is possible and well worth it. The charts can provide a lot of information to help you evaluate different asset classes. Once you have been able select the graphs you want to use, they will be able give you timely and relevant data. This is not only for forex pairs but also stocks and commodities. An indispensable tool for quick analysis.

Everything is now more difficult to find thanks to the completely redesigned app. I now have to click 2 times deep in menus that aren't clear. It is a terrible decision. You can find it in the menu and turn it back to the way you want it. These options shouldn't have been forced upon you. It was a terrible design that I tried. In response to tradingview’s canned reply, edit: read the review. You ignored my specific and actionable feedback. You get one more star

How to install TradingView app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install TradingView app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install TradingView

Now, you will be able to setup and run TradingView on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.