Vidman for PC

Vidman for PC

Vidman show you the most popular movies and cinema nearby.


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Vidman App For Windows

It's amazing. Although there are many ads, you can't have them removed unless you pay. However, this app is replacing all of my streaming apps so it's still a great deal. I can watch movies that were still available in theatres for $17-20 per view here, while other streaming apps charge $17-20. It must be compatible with Chromecast. My phone is being "mirror' to the TV, which makes it difficult to use.

Zero problems. I have no idea what buffering is. Three super-cheap WalMart smartphones with straight talk work perfectly for me. There aren't many ads! Remember! It's free. Buffering issues are not caused by your phone. It is due to your internet service provider or mobile data. A free app will show you the latest movies and shows. You can expect ads. People who are mature don't complain and then be bitter about it. They should be thankful that the app is free.

People complaining about ads are completely out of touch. Growing up, you could not choose what you would like to see and had to view commercials that were longer than this app's ads. It's amazing to see the variety of movies available and all other features in this app. This app is incredible.

There are too many advertisements for one movie. It's ridiculous. I just can't stand it. Every 5-10 minutes, an ad appears, which makes me mad. It's impossible to watch a movie and with every new movie, twice as many ads. This app is better than the rest. It has less greediness and developers care more about the customers than they do themselves. It's been two movies and I'm done.

Although I like the idea of the app, all that I see is "preparing for play", a spinning wheel of death every two seconds. Then ads. When I press the X, play store opens. A program automatically installs for me without my consent. The ads stack on top of one another, trying to play simultaneously, and then the program stops, so you have to start over. If the movie is playing, it may make a very loud distortion sound. To unlock movies, I must share the app via social media. It's not my phone. Unfair.

There are so many options that you could think of. However, there are a lot of annoying ads. To remove all the intrusive ads, I paid a monthly fee. They took my subscription and refunded it within three days. I was very disappointed.

A zero would be my rating. Every 10 seconds, there's an ad. Every time you click on a link, an ad appears. Don't forget to quit watching it. This does not save. You lose %70 of your time watching ads. This will cause you to lose your progress. The app can be a waste of time and you shouldn't use it if you only like to watch ads. It's even better if it is shared with a friend. You won't see the ads again

Although the ads can be annoying they are necessary to keep the content free. However, the ads will automatically close when the timer is done. They also send you to Google Play to download them, even though you already closed them. It seems like a lot of effort for little return. Peacock and Tubi allow the ads to run before the show resumes. :-)

It is by far the most amazing streaming app that I have ever used. This app is a must-have for all streaming lovers. The app is completely free, provided you aren't averse to an occasional ad. However, the movie selections are amazing! It makes it well worth the cost. You can opt out of ads by paying $30 per year. This streaming service is my top choice because of its low cost and incredible selection.

It was at first quite amazing: practically everything was free. Everything, movies, television series and everything else except the premium version. Those are the times when ads keep popping up. Every so often, about five to fifteen minutes into the movie, an advertisement will pop up. You'll need to close it in order to watch more. The annoyingness is so bad that I cannot even watch the movie. Worse, the app seems to be slowing down. It keeps stopping when it tells me that my WiFi is slow.

Vidman has everything I enjoy watching. Some ads don't allow you to exit from them, so you must close the app and reopen it. This is extremely annoying. The main problem with the app is that when I try to view the battery percentage or time on my smartphone, the screen rewinds and fastforwards by quite a bit. I then have to struggle to find my way back. It also gives me an added when I return in if it exits to do so.

There is so much potential. Although I do not mind advertisements on free apps, these ads are excessively intrusive and unnecessary. The adverts make it impossible to use this app. You get one every 30 seconds. To make matters worse, the adverts don't go back to whatever you are watching. It just sits there until your click.

You can watch a wide range of movies on this app. You can find more movies here than Netflix. It's also free. The truth is. I feel like I get 5 seconds of "preparing to play" every time. It's making me so angry. It's making it impossible for me to watch films the way that I would like. Please also remove the Swipe Left and Right thing. Sometimes, I might just swipe accidentally and then go back to Zero. This has 10x the movies of Netflix. You can even find the latest movies here. How do I attach subtitles to the movie?

This app is amazing! It would be 5 stars, if it didn't have so many ads. This can really frustrate viewers, particularly when it comes to intense scenes. If it does, or cuts off adds completely, it will not earn me 5 stars.

Video won't work anymore. It keeps saying it is loading playback information and will continue to load. It isn't my connection that is the problem here. The issue is with the app. This happened suddenly, I have never had this problem before. If you are able to resolve this problem, I'll change the rate. I will delete the app if you are unable to fix it. Thank you for your short experience with the app.

How to install Vidman app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Vidman app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Vidman

Now, you will be able to setup and run Vidman on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.