Utkarsh for PC

Utkarsh for PC

Utkarsh - आप इच्छा कीजिये, जोड़ते हम जाएंगे।


Utkarsh pc screenshot 1Utkarsh pc screenshot 1Utkarsh pc screenshot 1

Utkarsh App For Windows

Current version is 2.0.5. The latest version of notifications was installed and the notification did not come so unexpectedly. All notifications now appear, but they only display up until February 1, 2019. Please fix this issue. We look forward to a prompt response. Thank you

Although I had applied for ration assistance for several tumes, there was no reply. Finally the app displayed a message asking me to save my reference number. I saved the reference number for future reference, but it is not there. Showed. Showed.

Namastey Ji App is not responding correctly. Many tabs aren't working. The developer needs to investigate the problem. I request developer to also provide IOS version.

Update your app if it has been over a year. Make sure that you're 100% committed to helping people affected by pandemics.

Vande mataram is a user-friendly app. We salute all the salient warriors who are in urgent need in our time of service to motherland.

How to install Utkarsh app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Utkarsh app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Utkarsh

Now, you will be able to setup and run Utkarsh on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.