Battlelands Royale for PC

Battlelands Royale for PC

32-player real-time multiplayer Battle Royale game


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Battlelands Royale App For Windows

It would be great if you could double your xp by using a battle pass. But this game is awesome! It's now much harder to get to the top, with more than twice the amount of xp. Although this wouldn't seem like a huge deal, even with the battle pass and purchase, it means that you have to see an advertisement after each round. Although I will give it 4 stars, that is still very disappointing. Would love to spend $5 for a set of ads or similar.

It's a smooth, enjoyable and very well-constructed game. To open one chest you must wait 12 hours, or view a dozen ads. This is too long, even though I don't see any way to upgrade characters. It just affects the visuals. It doesn't really matter. I think upgrading is what makes these games so much fun. It's hard to find a place where there isn't one after a while. No stat upgrades, no new maps. Fun game, needs more content.

Although I think this game is great, there are some issues. The death rate due to a faulty link is a major problem. There should also be an easier way to increase your level. It would be more satisfying to kill about 3x per kill, and it wouldn't take as long for leveling up.

It's fun to game, it is free and you can play with your friends. A battle pass can be purchased to unlock cool items that you can use to customize your character. You can also get gold for leveling up, which you can use to buy more products in the shop. These items don't give you an extra boost, they simply look great. If you want to get gold, the best way is to level up. At the level cap you'll have 250 gold. You will need real money to purchase more items. Although the controls are easy to use, I would prefer that they could flip them. Other than that there is nothing wrong.

There is not much to do and gameplay can be boring. There is a lot to do. You could add more events to make it easier and faster. It is very frustrating to fail. It is easy to use and the controls work well. It is a bit more difficult to see the weapon graphics. People like me prefer smooth weapon designs, charaters, and the most important the MAP. That's it.

Although I enjoy the game, I'd like to be able to play SQUAD . There are more guns, more loot, more speed potions and more loot. I like the game but would love to be able to play squads . I want to play the game with friends and have fun. SQUADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

It was annoying from the first time I began to play. You die far too quickly to have any chance of gearing yourself and maps are too crowded. It's a constant loop: you enter a match and die almost immediately. Then, when the match ends, you are asked to go back into the queue and wait for another match. You then get kicked and dying again. In total, I was able to play for 30 seconds in 5 matches. The remainder of my time, I was waiting in line for another one. It would be much more enjoyable to reduce the amount of people on a map by half.

This game has been a favorite of mine for many years. Your server problems have been a major problem since season. Many times I was close to my 12 kill record, but lag out and/or get kicked out. Even though I live in the most beautiful region. It is hard to know how you make it perfect, but I think you should be more focused on this. It is so disappointing to suddenly be unable to move, or worse still get kicked out by the red. Please fix it

This is a fantastic game. I have two problems. The game freezes every time I score a kill, or about once per minute. 2) A shoot button should replace the right control pad. I can barely kill people because my shots are not straight or I don't have enough.

It's a great experience, but the interface is lacking in some key features. It doesn't have a chat feature to communicate with your friends. If you want to, you will need to use discord. There aren't basic controls that allow the joystick to stay still and not move. Moving is a different story. It can be difficult enough to shoot. There aren't any emotes, or things you would like to see in the next season.

Great graphics and gameplay. It's fun and easy to use, and the controls are excellent. This game is more of a minigame than a fully fledged battle royale experience. The average game lasts 5 minutes, or less, and is, in my opinion, boring and repetitive. It is too small and needs to have more weapons. It is time to add another game mode. New bigger maps. Perhaps even cars. It is unlikely that anything I have said will be included in the final game.

It is simple to play and creates an enjoyable, fast-paced, fun environment. Although 1 gun holds works great, not having an option to hold a slot for shield/health causes problems at the end of the game. Stat tracking is very limited and not important. In competitive games, it would be great to boast about the addition of assists, damage done, damage taken and revives. It would also be great to have quick chats with players from squad games. It would also be great to have a quick chat

I give this game 3.75 stars. The combat is simple and fast, and there are lots of fun moments. It's fun and easy to use the controls. Problem is the inability to unlock all cosmetics within-game. These cosmetics are very difficult to find without spending a lot of money. Although there were times when I was suspicious of someone cheating in my match, it wasn't often. For very small rewards, boxes can take a while to unlock (12 hours or more)

This game is very enjoyable to me. The game is a simple animated Fortnite/PUBG Fortnite game. Although the controls were initially a little confusing at first, they became very easy to master. It's frustrating that the only way to get a real reward from the game is by watching ads or spending money. I have also encountered an issue in which I can't play with my friends, despite them being online and/or in the same area. It's still a fun game. However, it still has some improvements to make.

The best season yet! It is amazing what you are doing for this game. I hope that you continue to do so. I love the new system. Already bought the battle pass. The prices for both the upgrade and leveling up seem very reasonable. Bravo! A note: I thought it would be cool to have a chat function with your battle friends. This is just an idea.

How to install Battlelands Royale app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Battlelands Royale app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Battlelands Royale

Now, you will be able to setup and run Battlelands Royale on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.