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Feit Electric for PC

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Feit Electric App For Windows

This happened again !!!! This Android app is not for me. It is often necessary to uninstall the app and then reinstall it to view live video. It fails to establish encrypted channels 99 percent of the times. Reopening and closing the app do not solve it. I have tried restarting my device but that does not work. Cameras work perfectly and can be viewed 100% of the times on my iPad. Fix it!

It's absurd. My network is always connected, and it works perfectly. These lights have been reset so many times. This grouping seldom works. The lights have to be controlled separately. I'm not sure whether it is the app or the product, but it seems likely that it is both. These were purchased at work, and I will strongly oppose them. I don't know if this is because Apple products are more popular than other brands. My friend had no problems. This is a super bad idea.

Easy setup and lots of options. It just required constant access to my data location for no other reason. Although I could understand setting up scene-based on location, I think I'd be more comfortable if it required me to enter the location manually. It's not as though my bulbs were traveling along with me.

It is very hard to get any device connected. Floodlight can play back audio even when the app is closed. Floodlight uses both phone and system audio, so alerts are blaring at maximum volume. It has terrible zone control. The app detects non-moving events continuously. It takes a long time to load video and events. The app cannot find playback files. It failed to load. Motion sensitivity controls are not available.

It was horrible trying to set it up. I have tried for two days without success. Updated 3/16/22. Another nightmare trying to get the floodlight/camera working with a new router. The light is still on, but it keeps going off-line. Has never worked. It's more offline than on. Security is not a concern. Won't ever get another Feit product. Updated 7/21/22 This product is still terrible. The app is inoperable. It is rare that you can check playback as it often doesn't work. Only a few times.

It is my assumption that there should be an update to fix the terrible loading times. The motion detection is also terrible. The app detects even the most insignificant things, such as blowing but it does not recognize when someone moves or when a vehicle is moving. It seems like other people are experiencing the same problem. I'll look into another app and brand.

Other functions are working fine, but it takes a while for them to work. However, when I try to create an account the system says that I have an incorrect user token. Once my problem is fixed, I will change my rating. This app is a minimum of 2 stars. A simple remote control would have replaced the bulb and done the job more quickly. Update the app.

An outdoor plug is included, as well 16 light bulbs and four security cameras. One or two bulbs will always be out of order at any time. Cameras that are used for security rarely function. The technology of motion sensing is not available. The app detects only one car, but it misses the entire vehicle. It takes the app a while to respond, sometimes taking several minutes. You can contact "tech support" for the standard "reinstall the application" response, which is useless. There are other products that I use and they work perfectly so it is not junk FEIT software.

It was working well until an update made all cameras inoperable. The router would not establish an encrypted channel and it would stop working. It was still the same problem so I changed router and modem. I had strange experiences and support is available in India. The solution was to disable WiFi because of an internet traffic problem and switch to Mobil data. It was not ideal, but it solved the same problem twice. This worked well for one year with no issues.

The floodlight is decent and the colored bulbs are good. It received a 3 because it does not playback floodlight recordser and is slow and unstable. This product needs some attention. It seems like sales is more important than product development. That would guarantee great sales.

It is impossible to get our live feed loaded! Everytime it fails, it makes an error. After installation it worked for a few days, but then stopped working. I am still notified when movement is detected. It works on my husband's older phone.

It seems so easy - just turn on the lights, scan the bulbs for any problems, then connect and control. It was anything but simple for me. It is tedious and often fails. When you get them connected, the bulbs don't stay attached, leaving you with no other choice than to reset and try to reconnect. You can find all of the help and troubleshooting files here. Although Philips Hue is more costly, it still works. It works every time.

When selecting colors, crashes when you try to choose from the 44% of available effects. It does not have a smooth fade effect which transitions between all colors like the LED strips or bulbs that come with cheaper remotes. This should be an easy addition to the app. The app limits the fade effect to only two colors, which isn't what I wanted from an RGB LED bulb.

Poor sound echo Video latency can be bad or not real-time. It doesn't include any instructions for operation. The temperature of the camera can get quite high. UPDATE. All six devices were returned to me or destroyed after many problems. My help was useless. Ex. I cannot view recorded events after turning on the format SD card feature. The program says that it's formatting all the time. USELESS!!! My job is at a Feit store. Their products are not recommended to me. False reviews are not worth the effort.

It is slow. Night vision is horrible. I had to return two units as the night vision did not work properly. It misses much of what is happening, not recording it. People walk past and the chip doesn't capture them. The same goes for cars passing by. It doesn't record any of these things. You can't take the chip out and view the information with other apps, or even download it. Nothing works.

How to install Feit Electric app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Feit Electric app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Feit Electric

Now, you will be able to setup and run Feit Electric on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.