Garmin Pilot for PC

Garmin Pilot for PC

Garmin Pilot is the most comprehensive suite of aviation tools for Android.


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Garmin Pilot App For Windows

The app crashed and froze after I purchased a subscription. It seemed like it was a temporary issue, but the app continues to freeze. To switch to Foreflight, I bought an iPad. My subscription was cancelled and I have requested a full refund. This app should work. Although I prefer iOS to Android, this app was just too slow. For example, the weather app was 12 hours behind and there wasn't an option to update it within-app. The freezing, however, was not an option.

Is there any logbook functionality on Android that can be used to track issues? Ok... two more stars for your humor. We appreciate your interest in this. It's a shame that no one listened to me when this problem first occurred two years ago. Fix the download feature so "Update All" works properly. I'm either told it is up-to-date or the app hangs when trying to download too many things. We will then return to the 5 stars that I gave this app. :)

This app is currently being used for IFR flight training. It has some great features, but there are also parts that I find more difficult than other apps. It crashed, blocked features following updates and had other small problems. ForFlight is a good product if it's compatible with your commercial rating. It is great for VFR training.

This app is very useful and I love it. It was a great app and I would love to use it on my Note 9 (with stylus), as I'm currently working on my instrument rating. The Scratch Pad does not work on the phablet version of the app for some strange reason (as verified by tech support). All the features are available, however the Scratch Pad can be used to track weather conditions and clearances. The Scratch Pad makes it difficult to create a workflow in the cockpit. Users should be able to choose their own phone model, screen size and other preferences.

This can be used on the Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 or Garmin GDL-50. There are many similarities to Foreflight. Because I have never owned an Apple product, I have never tried Foreflight. I may be blissfully unaware, but I still love the application. The functions can be a bit cumbersome (getting airport information, for instance) and the download queue not working correctly has caused me to experience the same problems others have shared. This has helped me to be more aware of my surroundings. The application suddenly became very slow upon starting it up, which I have experienced twice in one year. Like several minutes slow. My only solution is to "force-stop" my application and then "Clear Cache", "Clear Data" and restart it again. It causes all the data to be lost. I must then spend time and Internet bandwidth downloading sectionals, terrain databases, and en-route charts again. The airport services/data/attractions database is often incorrect or out-of-date (FBOs change ownership/names, restaurants close, etc. However, I believe that the ability to provide that information is often available. Garmin is not at fault.

There is a lot of potential for improvement. Sometimes, the app hangs at startup even though it has been told that a single download is necessary. Uninstall/reinstall is the only way to fix it. When REdownloading data and charts, the first 4 items are downloaded, and then the 4 remaining items from the queue move to the "downloading" box. Then the hang will occur. It works great when it does, however, it can sometimes be very inconvenient.

It has some good features, but it's not reliable. It crashes if you select certain menu items (such IFR overlays or demo mode). You will need to delete the app and install it again. It is hard to use the flight planning functions. You cannot drag and drop waypoints to different points in the nav log order. This makes it dangerous to IFR pilots to make on-the fly changes. Logbook functions are very inconsistent. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. If you taxi faster than the safe taxi, it will flipflop and require user intervention. Downloads and updates keep hanging up, requiring restarts and lengthy periods of searching and sorting for what you need. If you choose to download all it will take 30gb. You'll lose it if it is reset. It feels very undeveloped. The good news is that the colors look great. This is a great flight simulator, but it's not recommended for actual flying.

Slow...requires an average of a full reload every six weeks. Pilot, I need an electronic bag app. Foreflight is not an option as I don't want to purchase Apple products. A nice and powerful Samsung SM-820 with 32 GB RAM. After 5-7 flights the app is very responsive, but then it becomes unusable. To be able use the app on my return flight, I had to recharge in a hotel. Garmin support has never contacted me, although I'm an IT professional.

If it's so hard to predict the future, what is the purpose of weather? The slide at the bottom left allows users to view the weather for the past hour, but how about looking into the future? A slide that shows forecasted wind and weather would be a great addition to the site. It is difficult to use the menus and annoying that there are so many checkpoints. It would be helpful to have an option that allows you to remove all checkpoints. For my flight planning purposes, the aviation weather website is what I am using, even though it costs me money.

During FAA Navigation Data Update/ Download, hangs indefinitely The only way to fix it is to uninstall the program and then redownload. It is very rare that the hang occurs. It can sometimes be used for several weeks without any problems. Sometimes it occurs every time the app is opened. Subscription has been with me for three years, but this only started 6 months ago. It needs to be fixed. If it is fixed, I will give you 5 stars. I use the latest update on my Galaxy Note 9. My Ipad does not experience the same problem.

Although there were some small issues, my experience overall has been excellent. I would prefer it to not be so restrictive in that you can't use any other adsb-in devices. I had to reduce my review. Latest updates render demo mode useless. When I attempt to access demo mode, it crashes every time. This happens on several devices, so it isn't my fault.

Amazing App, but it is only a trial version. You must purchase the full-featured version at a high yearly price. Map updates can be purchased separately for a very reasonable price. It isn't available for purchase in Google Play. This is a very poor approach. Although I could have bought the app at the annual fee, I don't want to pay a high price each year for an app. To see the cost, I needed to log in.

It's a great app, and I have really enjoyed using it. It's great that you don't have to use a specific device for Android or iOS. After a great year with Pilot, the biggest problem and why I switched to ForeFlight is the lack of support for ADS-B hardware other than Garmin. My club plane has Stratus. I don't plan to buy/change hardware just for my EFB. We hope this is the case.

This app is useless for me as a pilot of a helicopter. No more crashes while flying. Developers listened to our concerns and corrected the issue as soon as possible. It took less than one week to fix the problem. Just changed my rating from 1 star to 5 stars. It is the most useful app for pilots. We appreciate your feedback and for making the necessary changes so quickly. Everyone, happy flying.

Good app with some strange bugs. The worst bug is the fact that tapping on an airport in the map does not always detect it (will not appear on the selector wheel). When SD card storage is used, APDs or procedures are not displayed. Finally, tracklogs can be lost in the event that Garmin Pilot is killed or crashes during flight. This renders auto-logging useless. Strava, however can resume tracks.

How to install Garmin Pilot app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Garmin Pilot app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Garmin Pilot

Now, you will be able to setup and run Garmin Pilot on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.