NetBenefits for PC

NetBenefits for PC

Manage your Fidelity workplace accounts, anytime, anywhere.


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NetBenefits App For Windows

When I go into specific details or account balances, the app freezes. The app seems to be opening an embedded webpage that allows me scroll for about 3-5 seconds, before freezing my input. Can't close. Can't go back. Pace is totally unresponsive. You will need to close the app. Why bother? ?

My phone's BIO is used to log in. It has never been a problem. A password manager is what I use to log in. It saves me the time of typing my long random password. The app has worked flawlessly for the last 10 years. It is used a few times per day. For transactions I prefer the site to be accessed on my desktop computer. It is easy to miss a step on a cell phone screen.

It was absolutely horrible. Because of the constant login problems, I am considering taking out direct deposit. This app has made it impossible to remember my password so many times, I don't know how many. Even though I used the exact same password repeatedly. The password is stored also in my Samsung Pass...Then it suddenly says wrong. Please give me a break. It then locks me out. It is used to manage my IRA account and personal accounts. It is simply unacceptable! !

Every time I take a picture of my check, the app crashes. The rollover is impossible for me now. Every time I log into my computer after the crash, it seems like it hasn't captured the image it claimed it had. A Fidelity representative offered me an easy way to upload my checks without the need to mail them. This is the most important thing to do if you are going to say it. I was very upset by the app's crashes. You can read other user reviews about the same issue. It's too bad that it isn't fixed.

The app ratings are amazing. Despite not having crashed yet, the app is very lazily designed. Links to mobile-friendly websites redirect to pages which aren't optimized at all. It feels like I am using a small desktop browser. Terrible experience. This app has one drawback: it is easier than in a browser to sign in with your fingerprint.

This is the most terrible app I have ever used. It asked me for my information online and then allowed me to make a deposit. After that, I needed to upload photos of the front and back. Although the front of the check was difficult enough to complete, it was still possible to deposit. However, you had to be able to see both sides so that you could adjust your settings to make sure everything is correct. It was pretty terrible programming, I would say. It's not easy but they try. Bank of America makes it so much easier.

The app's design has been changed to my dismay. Instead of being able quickly to view the changes in my 401k year-to date, I have to go searching for this information. I believe Net-benefits' purpose was to allow users to view a simplified version of the desktop website. It makes it impossible to access the details on the desktop site so there's no reason to use the app. It would be so easy to go back to my previous view! !

It is horrible. This makes me cry. It doesn't work intuitively when I attempt to snap a picture of a check that needs to be transferred. It doesn't snap an image .... when I press the button. Then I wait like a fool for the camera to take a photo. Then I get an error. This has happened more than 10 times. I am now sending it by mail. What is the best way to trust companies with my money? Are you a bad person?

When I attempt to view my company plan details page, the app freezes. This problem has been present for many years and persists even after multiple reinstallations or OS upgrades. It has happened to several employees of my company. It's not possible to get help with bugs or ask them for suggestions. There is an feedback form, but that goes into a black hole. It used to be that I would forget my credentials all the time, but it hasn't been there in a few months.

This app was helpful in taking photos of checks while I tried to transfer 401k funds from my previous employer. Picture functionality does not work. The border appears green and it looks like the image is acceptable. However, I never take the picture. The picture is never taken and it ends up being impossible to fix.

I downloaded it in order to rollover my 401k, but the check deposit function does not work. It is absolutely frustrating. It doesn't give you the option to see a photo, it takes forever to capture a photograph, and tells you repeatedly what to do to get that picture. It's very easy to use the bank's mobile app for depositing checks.

Upload documentation does not function. After you try to upload, the screen turns into a spinning one. You can't see the bottom of any documents when you use the take a photo feature. Two weeks of trying to upload files and on the help desk to make these documents work have been spent. I don't understand why they don’t have this option on their website.

Update. Update. Yes, the camera orientation was messed-up as others said. However it still worked. Can't deposit rollover check, total garbage app. You are told every opportunity to use this app that they push it and then they throw it away. They can start the rollover process but they then send you an infinite loop of how to deposit your check.

It's terrible. I mean, totally and completely incompent. I want to photograph rollover checks. It won't allow me to use photos that I took myself. I must use the in-app camera which will "autofocus" blurred and blur the check. The "autofocus" makes it blurry at times, and then the app declares the picture is clear! It failed to capture a clear picture the ONE time I tried. You cannot choose which side of the check you want to retake. It will only let you select the front and back. You will take photos till the end of time, considering your success rate is below 1%. This app seems so terrible. Please allow me to upload images I've taken, and disable autofocus. It's frustrating. It is frustrating to be forced to mail checks by snail mail. Depositing photographs of cheques can solve this problem. Please put your billions into hiring competent app developers. UPDATE 9/12: Even worse! Since Android 11, the camera has been completely broken. Evidently, they don't have anyone to maintain the app. Fidelity cannot hire one competent Android developer so I will have to send the check in. Updated 8/6/2021. Literally no changes. The "Auto" check function takes blurry pictures and does not detect the check. It takes a picture of you while flipping the check and asks you to turn to the back. Incomprehensibly bad programming. They have asked me to send them something again. Fidelity. The person who develops your Android app for you is totally and shockingly incompetent. Fire everyone and find someone else who is competent in the task. This is just a suggestion. For about 10 years, photo-check deposits have been solved. You should license your app from someone who knows exactly what they're doing.

This is my worst app. It is a web page within the app. Sometimes the CSS fails to load, rendering the page inaccessible. It takes a long time to load the page when it does. The "Application error" screen is displayed when you click on the menu or account button. This would look more appropriate in a school's intro to coding. Fidelity is embarrassed to have the app. If they believe this rubbish is okay, I wouldn't trust them with any other financial matters.

How to install NetBenefits app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install NetBenefits app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install NetBenefits

Now, you will be able to setup and run NetBenefits on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.