Wawa for PC

Wawa for PC

Now it's easier than ever to order, pay and earn delicious rewards.


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Wawa App For Windows

To be able to quickly swipe an order and set up my account, I tried before work shifts. It refused to accept my debit card information. It keeps saying that the expiration date was wrong. My plan was ruined. Update: It finally accepted my card. The app works fine for me. However, the experience may vary depending on where and when you are. For a sandwich that I purchased in the app, I was forced to wait for 33 minutes. This is a terrible situation and defeats the point of the app.

This is a good option, however, if the driver asks you to tip through the app instead, it will freeze and the driver won't be able to continue the order. Because I didn't have enough money to tip the driver, I decided to pay cash. Each time that I selected "no tip", I was prompted to give a tip. The app would freeze when I hit the "continue" button. The gift card required me to pay money. I could not just tip $15, but I also had to increase the tip amount.

It is very glitchy. It won't allow me to order something that I ordered the previous day, so it forces me into the shop. This defeats the point of the app. It nearly always kicks me out when I order and forces me to reorder. It's a complete waste of money! To get a reward you need to spend $50. It's like getting a dollar off of a fruit cup or other cheap items. If the app wasn't glitchy, I might be more fond of it.

It works well, and is definitely worth it if Wawa is something you and your wife love as much. The app doesn't accurately display how far you need to travel before you get your next reward. Second, the app does not provide a barcode that can be used to renew rewards. You still need to ask them to scan your rewards card. I'm not sure why they won't scan your reward card to confirm this.

Each time I place an order, I get the error message that my gift card balance has dropped. My credit card details have been added to my app. Don't give me any irrelevant information, just charge my credit card. The app is having connectivity problems and can cancel connections to certain IPs. It's not something I want. This is a terrible treat for cyber security. Surfshark VPN is what I use. Mobile orders cannot be eligible for the deals. You must check in at the register

Unreliable app. Opens slow. Changes pages slow. Each time the bird appears. It's cute, but it is not very efficient. It was tedious to set up passwords so many times. It should be possible to upload missing purchase receipts. It was uninstalled.

Wont work in store. Many rewards have been lost because the app won't scan when you get to the register. It also takes forever for the app to load. It would be better if, when scanning your card at the checkout, if there was a reward associated with your purchase, it asked you whether you wanted to redeem that reward. It makes perfect sense, but it is not possible. There is no receipt in-store so it takes a while for the reward app to load.

The app has stopped opening recently. The app says that there was an error and you should contact us. It has been unsuccessful in deleting the app and loading it again. Is it possible to change my password? I tried several times to get help but no success. I got a generic reply with no solution. It's funny that the discount on fuel is offered during this time. It took 4 weeks for them to resolve the issue. !

Pay slowly for fuel, if you prefer it to not default fuel stations. Sometimes my son calls to tell me the number of his pumps and whereabouts. It's a hassle to set a default location. It's been five miles from me when I went to pump. Then it asked if I wanted to go to WaWa. It's already there! The app seems slow to me. It's not something I am used to. The ads at the pumps are too loud after I have paid. Already on the app. Your ads are not necessary for me to use the pump.

This app is very user-friendly and I absolutely love it. My only suggestion would be to have a note section for mobile orders where you can add items. There is an area for notes when you pick up curbside, but not in the store. One of my favorite self-explanatory and user-friendly apps.

The mobile app is a great convenience store but not so for the mobile phone. The app takes too long to load and the flying birds don't make it fun when you try to order items or check out at the register. Even though I updated the app to 6.4.1, there is no improvement. My phone works fine with other apps, so it's not my fault. WaWa should resolve this issue.

Too slow loading. You need to have some sort of cache local on your device to store the barcodes while the app loads. It's so slow right now and there's always a line behind me. It would be great if the app did not have to restart for every single launch. Wawa, get on with it!

The worst app !!!! It is the worst app! I tried to log into it on multiple devices. Each time, it took me to a login screen. I entered my details and then it returned to the log-in screen. This is frustrating. It's so frustrating! I reset my password in order to make sure it wasn't a security problem, but the same thing happens. Wawa needs to do better!

It takes 10 seconds for a button to register. The wait for the next screen, which can take as long as ten seconds to register, should not exceed four seconds. It will say "I'm finished" when you are done with one item. This indicates that you have completed your entire order. It would take less time to create a webpage. This app would speed up the order process in physical shops. Most touchscreens could be lost in less than one week. Unacceptable.

It is simple and user-friendly. The Rewards Program is in need of some improvement. It should be able to recognize the purchase and give customers a reward that matches their past purchases. The reward should be something specific, such as a $1.50 smoothie coupon or a $3 off coupon for a Salad. I was very happy to have spent $50 on these items, especially after spending $50. Additionally, I am hopeful that gas purchase points will be available.

How to install Wawa app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Wawa app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Wawa

Now, you will be able to setup and run Wawa on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.