PayRange for PC

PayRange for PC

World’s simplest mobile payment solution for machines.


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PayRange App For Windows

This app can be used in its actual usage. It's used to pay my laundry room at home and for vending machines at work. That has never been a problem for me. The marketplace offers no credit. The marketplace claims that credits are available instantly, but they take a while to process. It didn't process my credit after I had downloaded the game. This issue was not resolved by me. I sent screenshots to the support team with the screenshots.

Although I initially thought the app was unreliable, it was functional and freed me from worrying about my quarters. It's been a while, but I've had need for it again, and now there's lotteries and rewards and games and other completely-has-nothing-to-do-with-washing-my-clothes craptasticness, while the machines are "out of range" 4 feet away. It's a great way to get there.

The previous rewards system was much better. While I used to get a snack or a pop every other week, it seems like that happens about three times a year. It also suggested that I gamble with the new marketplace/lotto ticket option. It's a great way to have food and drink at work, so it gets a 4

If possible, I would rate this app zero stars. This is the most horrible app that I've ever used. It turns a seemingly simple task into a frustrating day. The interface is slow to open, and it won't recognise the machines that are right in front of me, even though they're connected to Wi-Fi or playing YouTube videos. It will often tell me that it recognizes machines within the vicinity, but the QR scanner does not "recognize this code". It is a useless trash app and has access to your bank info.

It worked well for quite a while. The app stopped working on my Moto G stylus about three to four months ago. The app closes abruptly after you log in. It won't work without Google Location accuracy. It uses Bluetooth to connect with the machine, which is a complete waste of time. This seems more about data mining.

It is a complete pity! Since December, I've spent over $100! I need to reinstate my account. My bank card was fraudulently charged. However, I needed to update my bankcard number electronically. I have tried multiple times to contact customer service, but no one has responded. It should all be digital, but they seem to still do things in an old way. My account actually has money remaining! !

It is outdated and needs to be updated. The app's monetization with the market is quite smart. This rating is hard to attribute to the reliability and performance of the washing machines, however the app does what it should. The customer support team is quick and responsive, with a Sunday afternoon call and an email. Jen, tech support's caller service representative, responded quickly and was very helpful.

PayRange was my first experience with it. I was thrilled that I no longer had to search for coins. My account got locked one day. It took me 35 minutes to reset my passwords. FINALLY! PayRange didn't accept my payment. To get the app working, I ended up adding additional funds. It was frustrating that I already had two times added funds. The app doesn't offer any real assistance. NOT A FAN

It is terrible! It doesn't always work, and I have to pay quarters for it. It takes forever for it to work, and it states that machines are unavailable when they are. If you have money, you will need to increase it. The app used to work well, but it has stopped working properly for at least a year. This app is terrible!

It was terrible. It has a lot of trouble connecting to machines. It will keep refreshing the app for about 10 minutes if it fails to connect. Instead of using the "app", it would be quicker to walk for miles to get money at a station instead.

It is not easy to use, but they will always refund my money if I make any mistakes or have technical issues. This application has been a success with my 83-year old aunt. ! It was very user-friendly! It would be easier for the older people to get in touch with someone if they have any questions.

This app is amazing. It's so much simpler than searching for quarters or saving money. One time I experienced a problem with the app. Can't remember what, so I asked for an email refund. Although I expected a reply in several days, I actually got an email back within ten minutes. The full refund was sent a couple of days later. I was amazed to receive an email almost instantly. It is a great recommendation. Also, whatever problem I experienced that day has never happened again.

Although it's great not to need laundry quarters anymore, this app is in dire need of improvement. App decided to stop using my credit cards, even though they are perfectly valid. App doesn't respond when wifi is turned on. It works once I switch off my phone's wifi. It could be an amazing system if they fix this problem. It works great when it does!

It costs money, but you can use it. Google Pay is a more straightforward option. It's already installed at the laundry machines in my apartment. This is so much more convenient than trying to find change or fumbling with coins. It's possible to purchase lottery tickets through the app. I have even seen vending machines using it.

It's all good with th3 washers, but adding time to an already running dryer can be frustrating. You cannot add time to the app, the dryer will get confused and display error codes up until it is dry. This can be quite frustrating if you do not want to return to the app. It's one of my most annoying apps.

How to install PayRange app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install PayRange app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install PayRange

Now, you will be able to setup and run PayRange on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.