Zmodo for PC

Zmodo for PC

Control your Zmodo connected home products in one easy-to-use app.


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Zmodo App For Windows

Terrible. The latest version crashed instantly on my Chromebox. It won't even work with my Chromebox where I monitor my cameras. Overall, the app is terrible. The connection speed is poor, slow and laggy. Video playback is unreliable and inconsistent. This Zmodo app is difficult to use for basic functions, such as video clips and playing videos. It has not seen any improvement in the last four years. Cloud Service is not available for me - Upsell to new equipment UGH

On a scale from 1-10, the difficulty of getting a camera that you connected disconnected back onto the system to allow you to see live feed is an 8. Although the instructions aren't user-friendly or relevant because there are missing parts in the instructions for setting up, I give it a 2. I could have given it 6 or 7. The initial set-up is as smooth as a Gigolo wearing a pimp cap and fur coat in 1980s.

The motion captures of people are too exposed. And suddenly, I cannot view any remote content. Although it says "device offline", the device is connected directly to my router, and all other functions work fine. This will be removed as soon as new wires are run. Although it was once good, the quality of these wires has declined significantly.

As far as pictures go, cameras work well. The installation was easy, although the setup process can be a little frustrating. It is difficult to view the live events unless you force-close the app. Recorded events don't always show up for a few minutes. The app is average and better for its price than other apps with the same price.

Inconsistent alerts. The alerts can come in a variety of formats. Sometimes it comes immediately and other times, 10 minutes later or not at all. It works from both inside and outside my house. I have tried it from inside and outside the house. There was no change. The app is my only way to find out who's at the door. I have disabilities. The cameras work well, however.

The cloud service is terrible. It seems like it erases my footage every time it records it. Unfortunately, I did not read their customer reviews before buying their service subscriptions and cameras. This is like buying a high-end surfboard and then having zmodo give you a spoon. In terms of their interface, Tisk Tik. Enjoy your time and stop staring at that 'loading screen'. Psh

The 5 slide view in detail of motion was removed by the latest update ( Now you only have one picture. It's difficult to tell what has changed without five pictures. To see the exact details, you will need to play through the entire replay. It is not your fault. To fix the problem, I rolled it back to the previous version. I have no idea why this would be considered an enhancement. I suggest that you DO NOT UPDATE IT.

When reviewing, the video drops and jumps frequently. It seems like the video skims when trying to replay something related to home security. A 50-yard driveway is my home. Straight and straight, I can see someone walking along my drive for approximately 2 seconds. Then BOOM! He's in my backyard for 3 seconds. he's gone! My gallery videos are saved as thumbnails, but they won't play again. The program crashes when I hit the play button. It doesn't show the video or pic.

This equipment is not recommended for purchase. This product is not compatible with any other software. You can't playback fastforward, and it is impossible to locate something if you don't know when. Zoom in gets grainy. If you don't tick this box, clips won't save with the time stamp. False Motion Detection, No motion detection when it is relative, Playback recordings freeze at the moment something happens, jumps times... don't spend your money on ZMODO You can't find an alternative app to work with these cameras.

The app's layout is very appealing to me. It is modern and simple to use. This app has a lot of bugs. Most people agree that receiving notifications about motion alerts when they occur is the best thing for a camera system. Unfortunately, this app doesn't do a great job. Sometimes, I receive motion notifications instantly, other times 5-10 minutes later or an hour later. Other times, not at all. It's very inconsistent. My wifi signal strength does not play a role in all of this. Also, timeline playback does not work well. To playback, I sometimes had to close the app. The scrubber is also slow and jittery. This app could be improved. It is not something I would recommend and it will be difficult for me to trust it as my security system.

The app works well overall, however minor tweaks could make all the difference. 1) It is possible to reduce the motion detection sensitivity. Even at night, even on the lowest settings the doorbell can detect snowflakes and light reflections from passing cars. 2) It is also very helpful to add a few more bend points on the motion detection control. It takes 30 seconds or longer for text messages to reach my mobile phone.

The app is what I am reviewing, and not the software or cameras. The ability to see the live cameras and record them on my smartphone is a great feature. An NVR allows me to access recordings for a few weeks. I can take photos and cut out clips from the recordings right on my smartphone. It allows you to see four cameras simultaneously. Problem with this app are the viewing controls. IT NEEDS A FAST FORWARD SCAN (at minimum). To find activity, it takes far too much time to scan.

The timeline design in the alerts area is great. It helps you see when each alert was happening relative to the others. One issue is noted and one suggestion. 1) You can't delete video clips while you are watching them. To ensure you grab the right clip, jump to the event menu and click Edit. 2) Please let me know the name of the current clip so I can identify it.

Excellent app. The app responds quickly and loads the live feed faster than my Ring app. My router connects easily to cameras. The live feed worked after a few hours. The 2.4GHz band is where cameras work, however not all channels. It shouldn't cause interference as I have very little. It would not work well if it were used in an apartment or office building with lots of WiFi signals. It may not function if a channel is needed on the band of 2.4GHz.

This camera system is a waste of money. This app is a complete waste of money. Bad connections are a common occurrence on a daily basis. Even though it is live, the camera timers are often 10 minutes slower than normal. It is frustrating when I try to return to a specific time to view something. The playback won't keep track of what time it is, so I have to jump over the video. Playback does not keep track of all the happenings in my house at any given moment. It often skips things. This is not a reliable way to keep your home safe. It is not reliable. It would be nice to get the money we paid back for our cameras.

How to install Zmodo app for Windows 10 / 11

Follow below steps to download and install Zmodo app for Desktop

First, download and install an Android emulator software to your Laptop.

Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Zmodo

Now, you will be able to setup and run Zmodo on your Computer via the emulator.

To troubleshoot any errors that you come across while installing the Android emulator software, you can go through the software’s official website.