About TwitScoop Twitter Trendings

Do you know where to start looking for Twitter trending topics? Most people don’t. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Twitscoop.com is a great place to start. TwitScoop provides a scoop of Twitter i.e what's trending on Twitter at any given time and trends are updated every hour for all countries. On this page you will find top 50 Austria Twitter trends, hashtags or topics every hour. There are a few other sites out there, but none that go into this kind of detail. On Twitscoop, you can view general trends or hone in on trends in a specific country. Better yet, we even tell you when the results were last updated. A Twitter Trend is a hashtag-driven subject that is extremely popular at the moment. It's a topical subject based on real-time activity that is current. For example, the top three Austria trending topics are:

  • #puls24
  • #stufak

So, at the moment, Twitter users in Austria are mostly interested in #puls24. #stufak and #SCRRBS are both testifying. They’re also interested in #EGU23.

Popular vs Trending Twitter Hashtags

These topics are all very newsworthy at the moment, and a lot of people are interested. We do have to draw a fine line here, though. In Twitter, trending hashtags are new ones which are not to be mistaken for popular hashtags. But popular hashtag is not a trend because the they might have been around for ages.

How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter?

That's the question every marketer wants to know. Mainly, though, you create a post that will appeal to many. Find one of the top Twitter hashtags to go with it. And then share it far and wide. When someone searches for that hashtag, your post will come up.

By understanding the current issues people are interested in, you understand them better. Who’d have thought that the Austria public would be so interested in #puls24? But, if you look at the list of top 50 Austria trending hashtags there can be multiple entries related in some way to #puls24. And, while we might assume that the average Austria person is not interested, the data above proves otherwise. Knowing the public's interests, in turn, can help the savvy marketer to cash in on some of the buzz. Can we say, #This Content Is Blowing Up?

Who Should Check Twitter Trends Regularly?

Why would you want to use twitscoop.com? There are plenty of reasons. Let’s brainstorm a few:

  • Marketers looking for trending hashtags to base campaigns on.
  • Bloggers and other content creators looking for ideas.
  • Students and researchers seeking topical content to look into.
  • Governments wanting to understand the mood of citizens.

There are several reasons to keep track of trendy hashtags on Twitter. Twitscoop.com makes it easy to do so by providing a simple, well-laid-out website. What are you waiting for? #When Will You Start?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's trending on Twitter Austria?

Here is the list of top trends which includes hashtags, topics that are trending on Twitter Austria today: #puls24, #stufak, #SCRRBS, #EGU23, Raab, #ArtStyleMimi, Arsenal, Berichterstattung, Meldungen, Pille

How to see what's trending on Twitter?
  • Go to www.twitscoop.com.
  • Select the country you want to check trends for using the country dropdown in the header.
  • Now you will see the list of popular trends on Twitter with tweets count for each trend.
  • You can bookmark Twitscoop.com to check hourly top trending hashtags on Twitter.
How to trend on Twitter?
  • Choose a hashtag - make it good enough to trend
  • Start tweeting
  • Promote your hashtag by tagging individuals or groups relevant to the hashtag
  • Provide updates to the hashtag to increase engagement
What is the most tweeted movie in Twitter?

#AvengersEndgame is the most tweeted about movie ever with over 50 million tweets on Twitter as of 2019.

What are the most popular hashtags on Twitter in 2019?