About TwitScoop Twitter Trends

TwitScoop provides a scoop of Twitter i.e what's trending on Twitter at any given time, though the trend updates are not real time but they are updated hourly. On this page you will find top 50 popular Saudi Arabia Twitter trends, hashtags or topics every hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's trending on Twitter Saudi Arabia?

Here is the list of top trends which includes hashtags, topics that are trending on Twitter Saudi Arabia today: #جاكيت_ولي_العهد, #زد_رصيدك1, #ساره_منيف_افضل_مخرجه_سعوديه, #محمد_بن_سلمان_في_الفورميلا, #يارب_يارب_وفق_الهلال_السعودي, النافوره الراقصه, ابو سلمان, السماء اليوم, السيارات الكهرباييه, الجوله الافتتاحيه

How to see what's trending on Twitter?
  • Go to www.twitscoop.com.
  • Select the country you want to check trends for using the country dropdown in the header.
  • Now you will see the list of popular Twitter trends with tweets count for each trend.
  • You can bookmark Twitscoop.com to check hourly top twitter trends.
How to trend on Twitter?
  • Choose a hashtag - make it good enough to trend
  • Start tweeting
  • Promote your hashtag by tagging individuals or groups relevant to the hashtag
  • Provide updates to the hashtag to increase engagement
What is the most tweeted movie in Twitter?

#AvengersEndgame is the most tweeted about movie ever with over 50 million tweets on Twitter as of 2019.

What are the most popular hashtags on Twitter in 2019?